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  • Torque Pro setup

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me st set up torque pro to do DPF % and burn Button. Thanks

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    I don't have the app handy so can't be any more specific than that, sorry.

    The DPF% is a regular guage.
    The Manual burn button is a "custom button".

    There should be Torque help/Documentation pages that can show you how to do it.



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      To add DPF %:

      - Start torque
      - Go to Settings (cog at bottom left)
      - Go to "Manage extra PIDs/Sensors"
      - Hit menu (three dots top right) then "Add custom PID"
      - Click OK at warning
      - Configure as shown in attached screenshot. The important things are "OBD2 Mode and PID", and "Equation".
      - Go back to main screen, then "Realtime Information"
      - Scroll left or right to find a blank screen
      - touch and hold finger on screen, then hit 'Add display'
      - Choose 'Digital Display'
      - Choose the PID you just entered (e.g. "DPF Accumulation Level")
      - Choose a size (e.g. medium)
      - move it to where you want it with your finger then let go.

      To add a Manual Burn button:

      While still on the Realtime Information screen (where you put the DPF% gauge)
      - Touch and hold finger on screen, then hit 'Add display'
      - select "Push Button"
      - select "Send OBD command"
      - move button to where you want it and let go.
      - touch and hold finger on new button
      - select "Display Configuration"
      - select "Set command to send"
      - type "3029060101" (without quotes)
      - select ok.
      - you can also give the button a title by touch and hold, configure, title.

      To perform a burn all you do it touch the button.

      Remember that the car must be warmed up (go for a short drive to do this, much quicker than idling), engine running, stationary in PARK (or neutral if manual), and DPF% should be above 10% (much higher preferably). Obviously don't do it in a confined space. To terminate a manual burn, hit the accelerator pedal (or just turn off the car).

      There's more you can do in torque, such as adding EGT temps (to see burn temps), plus trans temp etc. There are other posts, including a list of custom pids, elseware on this forum.

      Good luck,


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        Dave thanks so much for your help.


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          Hi Guys is the Torque app just android?


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            Also Dave will the pid codes and equation work in other (iOS) apps. Thanks


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              I don't see why any of this wouldn't work in iOS, but I have no experience with iOS. I have seen a few people complaining on facebook etc about not getting it working though, so maybe iOS lacks any decent OBD2 apps that let you send commands. Report back here if you get it working.


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                Torque Pro is only available on Android.

                For iOS you'll need different OBD software. PIDs should work, but because different software execution, it depends how the OBD2 software was written to interpret and sent to port. Just like if you're using Scangauge, the method of inputting the same PIDs will be different.

                The last time I tried on IOS bluetooth never worked, maybe I was using a old iOS device, or the Bluetooth version was obsolete. The Wi-Fi connection method had a lot of latency, at such it was hopeless. Tried several other OBD dongles also the same.


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                  Thanks guys, might just get scangauge 2