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  • Fortuner Vibrations

    Hi all,
    I was wondering if anyone was experiencing what I think is excessive vibration with the Fortuner...Its a 2018 GX model.

    On acceleration you can feel a very lumpy pull from start - like may be a piston is not firing (but it is).

    Then on coasting or slowing down, I can feel (and hear) vibration at the ~1000rpm. This can be any gear. ie if Im in 3rd and at 1000rpm Ill feel it, drop it to 2nd and the vibration goes away until it hits 1000rpm again. But the costing vibration feels like an out of balance drive shaft or something.

    Its done 7000klm and will go in for a service at end of Jan, but was keen to hear if others feel this.

    Thanks, Mat

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    Have you got modified suspension? Incorrect installation can result in vibrations.
    2015 GX auto / Genuine steel bull bar, snorkel and tow package / Ultimate suspension / Rhino sliders / BFG KO2s / ORS drawers ...


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      Hi, Yes, TJM installed HD Springs and Shocks - part of the original purchase. It was installed by TJM as well and all part of the original purchase (ie all invoiced under Toyota).


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        Someone here with knowledge of TJM suspension will be able to give you advice on what needs to be checked.

        I have Australian Ultimate suspension with no issues, but I’ve heard that incorrect installations can result in shudders and vibrations.
        2015 GX auto / Genuine steel bull bar, snorkel and tow package / Ultimate suspension / Rhino sliders / BFG KO2s / ORS drawers ...


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          Did they install the centre bearing spacer?


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            Hi GcFortuner,
            Im not sure. As the installation was completed under the purchase of the car I do not have a full inventory of what was performed. But I sense, perhaps before the service Ill give TJM a call and see what they say about the issue.

            Thanks Mat


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              Actually I just found the quote (attached). Yes it was part of the installation.


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                I had exactly the same problem you describe 23matc. ARB installed OME suspension with the heavier springs and I had a range of handling problems including braking that was previously discussed here Just today ARB changed over to the lighter springs and now everything is fine. You don't have to google very much to realise people take their suspension upgrades very seriously and everyone has a theory. If I had my time over, I would have left the suspension as it was. Hylife has a bit to say here that I think makes sense Unfortunately I found this discussion after having the lift done. I also ignored this bit of advice on a sheet from the Oodnadatta Roadhouse I found somewhere along the track. It amused me: 'leave roof racks and lift suspension in Victoria. Keeping the weight low aids stability and keeping the car standard aids reliability'. You don't need a physics degree to know it makes sense but you won't find many people who agree with him. The other thing with the Fortuner I realised too late was it has a lower GVM than other 4x4s. This has also been discussed a few places on this forum such as here Hope it works out for you. Artie.


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                  Hi Artie,
                  And thanks for the links.

                  When I requested a bullbar with winch, TJM recommended that the suspension should be upgraded to handle the additional load and ensure a "safer" ride. Seemed to make sense given the extra kgs on the front. This is why I did it - not really for looks.

                  There is not much out there regarding Fortuners and TJM suspension issues so Im hoping my issue can be addressed by either Toyota or TJM.

                  I just took a look under the car (see pics) the spacers are in, there is still a slight angle (tried to capture on the camera).

                  Thanks for all your feedback - this is a good start to solving my problem.



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                    Ah ok Mat I just have a steel bullbar and not the winch. And I agree about there not being much out there on Fortuner and suspension issues. I mentioned about the brakes from that earlier post on the forum and the ARB guy had no idea what I was talking about. All he knew about was the vibration. My local 4x4 refused to do a lift on a Fortuner and the ARB place I took it to (I'm in Melbourne) said I was the second one they had done. When I said to him that they really hadn't done any, he agreed sheepishly. Still they were really friendly and quite willing to discuss it. They put the spacer in while I waited when they had not put it in the first time and then they were pretty quick changing over the springs this morning. I see what you mean about the slight angle. The symptoms you mentioned were exactly what mine was doing except with the added brake problem and I had other things. Artie


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                      Did more googling and seems we are on the right track. I'll provide an update once i chat with TJM.


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                        I have not got the same problems with my TJM suspension on my gxl 2018 except it to be way to stiff when I drive I feel everything verry bumpy driving ( thinking of getting a different kit because of this )

                        as for the shaking not realy an issue. I have the issue doing turns it feels the wheels and the steering wheel are struggling and shaking when doing tight turns I don’t know how to fix this nor Tjm a knowledges the issue

                        i was advised to get the upper arm controls installed if I want to do off-roading cause the stock ones will give me issues with the Tjm suspension kit hitting something

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                          The car went into TJM. They adjusted the center bearing spacers. They look a little bigger than the original ones they had. Overall improvement. I can hear, but not feel, a vibration at 60km and 70km regardless of gear. So Im guessing I can live with that.

                          Still when slowing down from about 40-30klm to 10klm I feel a strong vibration. Its not the drive shaft but Im guessing engine/transmission combo and potentially the new exit angle of the drive shaft. It goes into Toyota for a service in Jan. I figure Ill also ask if Toyota have a demo I can take for another drive - just for comparison.

                          Fonsp - I was advised my caster alignment was maxed out, and I could correct this with replacing the upper control arm, but not that any damage may be caused going off road. More so just steering quality I guess. Also, when no load, HD suspension its rough as a truck, but when on trips with the family, fully loaded, the ride quality is good. Cornering has less sway and the suspension seems to have more travel - when compared to stock. With your tight corning issue, its always worth going back to TJM and asking.
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                            I thought I would close off this post with my lessons learnt. I purchased my Fortuner around June 2018 and had it immediately kitted out with TJM HD suspension, bullbar and side bars.

                            After market suspension is awesome, but with all this additional kit I noted a roughness and vibration that I had not expected.

                            1. There will be the minor lumpy acceleration due to the additional lift of the aftermarket suspension kit. This is acceptable and only noticed from a standing start.
                            2. The Toyota Diesel and its mounting system does vibrate though the chassis more then other makes/models.
                            3. By adding the side bars, making everything more rigid, the vibration sound is amplified in the cabin making it more noticeable.

                            I first went back to TJM and they put some slightly larger drive shaft spacers in which was a nice minor improvement.

                            Ive also taken back to Toyota for its 10,000 klm service and they have also advised of my leanings above and everything is ok.

                            My prior 4WD was a Pajero and pretty much stock and so it was smooth and never felt or heard vibrations. I started this post expecting newer cars should be just like this, but what I have learnt is that, ideally, instead of doing what I did and receiving the car completely modified, perhaps take it as stock and learn it. Then modify one part at a time - correct when necessary then move on.

                            Anyway - I thought this may be of use to share for anyone keen to mod their Fortuner.


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                              I think that if the suspension upgrade is done properly, there should be no vibrations.

                              I have upgraded suspension (from Ultimate Suspension), front bar (Toyota genuine steel), very solid sliders (Rhino 4x4), and no vibrations.
                              2015 GX auto / Genuine steel bull bar, snorkel and tow package / Ultimate suspension / Rhino sliders / BFG KO2s / ORS drawers ...