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Installing Kings Driving lights- Need help

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  • Installing Kings Driving lights- Need help

    G'Day Mates,
    Have a 2018 Tuna Cursade model and had purchased Adventure kings driving light and wiring harness,
    have tried contacting several auto electrical around Hornsby area and no one is able to help me out installing them due to Can Bus chip issue on these new models.i have even checked with Hornsby Toyota and they wont touch after market lights .
    Has anyone installed these on their tuna's,if so , how easy it it be installed, and would really appreciate if point me to someone in my area who can help me installing them.


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    I don't know what canbus has to do with anything... A typical driving light install will be completely independent of any existing vehicle systems. i.e. new wiring, fuse, relay, switch etc straight from the main battery. Sounds like they just don't want the work!

    EDIT: Noticed you have the kings harness which piggy-backs the headlights. I believe this is so that for the driving lights to operate you have to have the switch on AND the high-beams on (this is what the piggy-back detects). This is nice as it makes the lights easy to dim when you need to (e.g. on-coming traffic). However if that's the problem you could leave that bit out and have them operated only by the switch (unless its a legal thing??). Also, fwiw I don't think the tuna has fancy canbus light sockets anyway, though I have a 15 GX, your crusade could be different. Stand my my sentiment that the auto-elec is lazy and can't be ****d figuring it out.

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      some parts of the headlight system are controlled by Canbus , but the canbus system switches the lights via conventional relays , so wiring up spotties is no big deal to a good sparkie. I also have a GX , but no matter which Toyota model ( even the new Prado ) has a conventional high beam light on the dash which can be used to trigger aftermarket spotties. Ive attached a couple wiring diagrams you can use as a reference. Headlights RHD with connectors.pdf
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        ok , seems like the site wont let me load up any largeish files. if you need extra diagrams send me a PM with your email address and i'll mail them
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          Thanks Devac & White one , thats informative ,
          i missed to mention that am a dud when it comes to electronics and would't be able to understand a thing about the electrical diagram you gave.thanks anyway appreciate the effort.
          does anyone know who could install these for me in north sydney ?
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