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Toyota HD front coils sag

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  • Toyota HD front coils sag

    Just wondering if anyone with the Toyota steel bull bar and winch has noticed a significant drop in the front ride height? I have had the heavy duty front springs fitted by Toyota when the bar and winch was installed. All bits where installed new on vehicle, done a bit over 6000 km now and by my measurements its ridding 40 mm low in the front. Curious if anyone else has had similar issues?

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    I have the alloy winch bar, winch with dyneema rope and a second battery in the engine bay. No HD springs, and my front sits 40mm lower than the rear. Measuring from top of rim to guard. Have done 10,000k's


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      This drop in the front end is pretty normal . It will be necessary for both of you to go after market and get coils to suit the extra load I'm afraid. It is normal fellas, unfortunately . Excuse my weak fortuner joke.


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        isn't that why toyota sell a hd spring kit for the front? Im surprised Gary has the sag with the hd springs in


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          I too thought the HD springs would compensate for the extra weight. I have had a couple of luke warm conversations with the local Toyota dealer. They are happy to replace the HD springs with a new set of identical springs, to which I said that's a waste of my time... So they have asked me to drop off the vehicle next Thursday for its 10k service at which time they will measure and weigh everything and talk with the Toyota engineers... In the mean time I've booked in with Ultimate Suspension in Sydney for new suspension suitable for my new GVM upgrade