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Louder and sharper engine sound happen randomly, anyone got similar?

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  • Louder and sharper engine sound happen randomly, anyone got similar?

    Hello, my crusade auto is around 4000km, I did notice the sharp sound many times within 1000km new car check, then I wrote a describtion letterto dealer about this problem to dealer at 1000km check, but they told me everything is normal and engine is normal, the problem I got as follows:

    Several times engine sound suddenly louder than usual when press accelerator pedal.

    At same time, I can feel a little bit vibration when the noise happen, especially at accelerator pedal.

    When it happen, feel power is not enough, need to press accelerator more deeper, but more deeper more louder.

    Originally, I thought might be gear changing problem, but after driving some distances, personally, I think gear might be ok, or might be other reasons.
    ( normally, if gear is in low position, people will feel not enough power and more noise coming from engine),

    But it feels a little bit different from that, the gear changing seems ok, but louder nosie still come out.

    Turn off engine, restart again, seems OK, but after driving some distance, this problem happen again randomly and according to my memory, it seems happen always at like , waiting Mac Donald drive though or waiting for the traffic light, once the car start to move again, the engine sound change louder when accelerating, not always, but did happen several times.

    thank you

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    They also did mention DPF is normal


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      Every few hundred kms or so I hear a louder sound from the engine which I think has something to do with the DPF burn off.
      You might also smell rubber when getting out the car??


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        Hello RALF

        I did smell rubber after parking, I through it might be normal for the new car, did not link to DPF? actuall , I really do not know where rubber smell come from? .............

        from time to time , engine sound became bigger and louder and shaking, seems engine struggle to operate, after pressing pedal, even louder sound will come.

        I can feel shaking from the left central underneth all the way to steeling wheel, when this engine sound issue come, feel more shaking.

        my toyota dealer admit this faulty and recored, they told me another new fortuner and his new hliux also have this problem.

        hopefully , next service , dealer can get solution from toyota AU.

        they said toyota should have solution


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          Hi maxnan,

          i noticed the the same issue with my fortuner. Have you managed to sort this issue out?


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            Originally posted by karan.jandu View Post
            Hi maxnan,

            i noticed the the same issue with my fortuner. Have you managed to sort this issue out?
            hello jando

            my car currently is around 15000km, after I report to dealer in 1st service, I just ignore that sound and feeling again and again, gradually, it seems better, today I try to listen and feel virbation carefully for a test, found still have this issue, but feel better than before.

            So, I still need to report to dealer in Sep 2nd service, since they already record this issue for my car, I will see whether toyota got feekback or solution for that.

            when I choose ignore that, seems gone..... very strange..

            thank you


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              So this happened with me a few days ago.

              I was waiting in drive thru - stationary with the engine running and at idle. I suddenly started feeling that the car was shaking/vibrating. The engine noise increased as well. I thought it was quiet weird for the car to do that. I switched it off and let it cool down for 30 minutes or so. When I turned it back on, it kept making the same noise. I started driving it back home - tried to not rev it too much or anything. I could feel that the car didn't have enough power as well. It was working quite hard to drive at 60-70. I also noticed that the car would jerk at gear changes. I drove it back home but with a lot of trouble.
              The next day morning I started the car again and tried to drive it around the block. It wasn't any better - vibrations, engine noise, less power, jerking between gear changes. The engine light came on as well and the screen kept flashing visit your dealer.

              I took it to the dealer straight away. It's been with the dealer since Thursday. He updated me on Friday - they think it's the fuel injectors causing the problem, but they have to further diagnose it. He said from the looks of it, the fuel injectors looked clean but they need to run further tests. That will tell if it is covered under warranty or not!! It's a brand new car with approx. 13,000kms on it... Always filled diesel from Woolworths Caltex and no where else! Still waiting for the dealer to get back to me. Here's hoping there's nothing majorly wrong with it.


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                Sorry about hear that, seems your got worse than me, but the problem from your post is exactly same as me, which is "vibrations, engine noise, less power"

                the differences are:

                1. that issue sometime gone after driving several distance
                2. engine light did not come on

                Yes, keeping in touch about this issue. tku


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                  I have a funny feeling that maxnan and karan.jandu drive their fortuners in city driving more often that freeway driving. A friend of mine who works at toyota mentioned about getting a petrol car for short stop and go city driving because diesels with DPFs will clog up quicker than norma in these conditionsl. If you do at least 100kms of freeway driving each day, Diesels will DPF's will be very good because the exhaust gets to the right temperature to burn the ash with minimal interference of Auto-Burn modes. That's what he thinks and I reckon he is right because the Subaru Forester with DPF's have exactly the same feedback from people who drive short distances. But the people who drive long freeway distances each day, they have lesser issues. Cross my fingers tho, I am still waiting to collect my GX 4Tuna.


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                    Hi all,

                    Just got my fortuner back. It was the fuel injector. One of the fuel injector wasn't working. The dealer ran a diagnosis on it - the fuel injector was clean and there was no sign of clogging up. The dealer reckons it is a manufacturer defect. He ordered and replaced my fuel injector. The car is back to normal now.

                    Fingers crossed it keeps running smoothly!


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                      Has anyone noticed a diff shudder at take off


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                        Hi Bretts-Forty,
                        I've had no problems personally (at 10000klms).

                        Perhaps this is what you have:


                        (Possible tailshaft issue)