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  • Gvm

    Just like to know if anyone has given much thought to the GVM?

    I'm struggling to fit all the accessories and all the camping gear in and on even with rear seats removed.

    contacted a few engineers and there is nothing I can do about GVM upgrade until someone like ARB or Pedders
    do a second manufacturer upgrade which I can then use.

    Anyone got any feedback or ideas?

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    I think its available for the Prado now so maybe you can piggyback off that seeing they are the same car underneath
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      If you're already pushing the GVM, the only other option is to transfer some or all of it to a trailer and tow it instead. Just did some quick speculative figures (probably on the high-side) and it doesn't take much to start pushing it....

      640KG for mods, passengers and cargo (GVM - kerb weight)

      80KG for alloy bullbar and winch
      30KG for roof racks and pod
      200KG for 2 adults and 2 children
      30KG for tent
      40KG for fridge and contents
      60KG for sleeping gear, table and chairs
      60KG for cooking gear and non-perishables
      40KG for water
      40KG for compressor and recovery gear
      15KG for tools
      40KG for clothing

      635KG TOTAL

      tekka maki
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        I went in & spoke to ARB a fortnight ago & asked about the GVM upgrade kit, as I've their OME BP51 - 150kg lift kit & find the car sags at the rear. I've removed the 3rd row seats & have aluminium draws in it 24/7, fridge slide & tools. Up front I have a steel toyota bull bar, spotties, winch & dual battery kit. Then there's the Rhino tradie rack I've on the roof.

        They said a GVM upgrade can only be done on a new vehicle, so i could have it done to my 2015 model GX.

        I can go up to their 200kg springs / shockies set up, which should cure the rear sag, but won't actually give me the desired GVM upgrade.

        tekka maki hits the nail on the head re getting a trailer, be it a camper trailer, caravan or a just plain box trailer. His kg estimates aren't far off the mark either.
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          I came to the same payload capacity conclusion and made enquries.

          Apparently GVM.upgrades can be done post initial registration but it it much more expensive as it needs unique sign off by an engineer for each individual vehicle. Well this is in NSW anyway don't know about other states.

          if you go through this process before initial registration apparently it is much cheaper as you can buy the upgrade 'off the rack". When i made enquiries on this which was a while ago there were not any off the rack upgrade kits anyway but that may have changed. Too late for me anyway.

          i am currently looking at suspension upgrades with the intention to do it in the next 3 months.

          I was told at the time when i made gvm enquiries that i could get an extra 100KG which would actually make all the difference. I can't recall the indicative price but i remember thinking not economcally feasible to spend that to carry an extra 100KG and i would just go the trailer route when i needed it. It was jn the range of $6k from memory.

          in reality a 1 adult 2 child trip i am fine for GVM its just the full family trip with more people bedding bags food etc.

          still if i was only paying a bit more than the standard suspension upgrade to get greater GVM I would do it.

          i wonder if there is an opportunity for a group buy here.. take half a dozen fortys to the one engineer and get it done together. Surely there are some efficiencies there and cost savings passed on.. any one interested in or around sydney?
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            This is the most recent reply from a VASS engineer in Melbourne.

            So we can do it after initial registration just need a large company like ARB to upgrade Fortuner like they have the Hilux.

            Hi Reece, unfortunately there is nothing we can do about the roof structure in these newer complex vehicles (curtain airbags etc) , without Toyota validation – as for GVM upgrade again it is something ARB etc take on for pre registration vehicles under what is termed second stage manufacture.
            They amortise this development and testing over scores of vehicles, then we simply use their validation and documentation to support signing off an identical post-registered vehicle with identical upgrades. If you can find a company who already has second stage on Fortuna then we can fit the same components and use the same validation and their second stage number as issued by the Dept.

            Regards Paul


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              I am pretty sure it was ultimate suspension (i rang up a few)in sydney that said they could do extra circa 100KG GVM upgrade but the cost indicated was prohibitive.they need to fit the suspension then conduct a days testing. If GVM is a deal breaker financially better to sell and buy a bigger vehicle based on their rough quote.

              Apparently the off the shelf kit compliance to get it to market costs hundreds of thousands so commercially they would need to sell a heap of kits in return. I was told 150 prado kits were only released recently. When you consider their sales volume unlkely anyone will spend the coin developing an off the shelf fortuner kit in the short term. This is what i was told anyway.

              if there is interest i could make enquiries about doing a few in the one go to see if it brings the cost down. Surely the enginer would save time if it is the same vehicle? We have a solution..just the wrong price point!
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                Just found this little bit of GVM info on the web. See....


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                  Would love to get something like the following for the extra carrying capacity, expensive though:


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                    I got this info from The Ultimate Suspension -

                    We can do GVM upgrades in NSW up to the combined factory axle capacities.
                    This is 2880kg which gives an increase of 130kg. Every state is different though so it can be difficult to get approval for non NSW registered vehicles.

                    If he already has a heavy duty suspension kit fitted, it should just need engineering which is $1250.00

                    Kind Regards,

                    Brendan O'Keefe
                    Sales Manager
                    Australian Ultimate Suspension Pty. Ltd.
                    P: + 61 (0)2 9618 7674
                    2015 GX auto / Genuine steel bull bar, snorkel and tow package / Ultimate suspension / Rhino sliders / BFG KO2s / ORS drawers ...


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                      That is very interesting.

                      i called them again. Quote is much lower. They think someone might have given me the LC200 GVM upgrade price before!

                      around $1600 the suspension
                      around $1250 a brake upgrade
                      and $1250 the engineering certificate
                      you need to leave the car for a few days however which might be hard for me at the moment.

                      he said if a few from the forum are interested there would be some efficiencies in the process and they could likely come up with a special deal.

                      still a bit of a premium over standard suspension upgrade but good to know the option is there. Ill take the car to a weighbridge first
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                        in queensland i believe you can get a 10 percent GVM upgrade if you have some aftermarket suspension I'm assuming it would have to be a constant load rating to be applicable. You will have to get an engineer to sign it off though. Has anyone done this and how much does it cost?

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                          disclaimer: I'm on a bit of a posting rampage due to being fairly badly injured in a mtb crash work for a couple of months....sorry

                          I realise this has been covered in reasonable depth in a couple of threads, but I'll add my own thoughts / experience.

                          - in stock form with a toyota towbar and a full tank of fuel, '18 GX was 2220kg at the local weighbridge
                          - added a plastic bullbar, (+30kg as opposed to metal 50-100kg) and a TJM snorkel

                          We occasionally go to places that can be categorised as remote-ish with some decent off road bits e.g. kimberley (munja track, drysdale NP etc.), arnhem land, gulf of carpenteria. I thought - yeah, a rear bar with a 2nd spare + jerry (~130kg) would be a good idea. But I thought about this a lot, looked at the $$$ involved and eventually concluded that a roof rack was the way to go.

                          It's a bit like the high lift jacks, shovels and maxtrax that you see kicking around town permanent fixed to the roof of vehicles. I would wager that 95% of people with this stuff on their roof rarely/if ever use it.

                          I've put a rhino bar track on and have a basket that attaches to the roof racks (~25kg). When we need it, I can chuck a 2nd spare + fuel in the basket. You only need to drive a couple of hundred km before you can empty a jerry in to the tank. Sure it's not the elegant solution provided by a rear bar or secondary fuel tank, but most people don't need this stuff most of the time.

                          This is no doubt a slightly controversial position given the level of machismo associated with having the toughest, most capable 4wd....

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                            I have to agree, for the once-every-year-or-two big outback trip, jerry's on the roof is a much better option than a rear bar and aux tank for most of us. If fuel range was a major consideration, I'd have gotten a Prado.


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                              G'day to anyone still following this post. Has there been any updates or suppliers offering GVM kits for Fortuner's yet? I've just had mine weighed by a great bloke Mac from and yep... Over. Well over in fact.

                              Considering options. Not entirely sure how i'm going to lose the weight.

                              • Dobbo springs & MRR's With Airbag man bags in the rear
                              • Alloy Bullbar + recovery points with 8.5" spots
                              • runva winch 13k
                              • Brown Davis Bashplates
                              • Rhino Rock Sliders
                              • Drifta Drawers, 40L Watertank (full) & Cargo Cage
                              • Engel 40L fridge & Slide
                              • Dual Battery 105ah Lead Crystal
                              • Rhino Rack pioneer tray, roof pod, storage box (for chainsaw), Kings Awning, Long handled shovel & mounts
                              • Kings Thumper max air compressor
                              • And a bit of random gear (recovery straps, camera bag, some spare parts, hike tent, sleeping bags, baby seats, grab bag)
                              • A full tank of diesel
                              • Me (110kgs)
                              174.5kgs Over GVM!!. If I add the wife and kids (additional 90kgs + a few extra bits pieces 10kgs) I think my weight will come in at 274.5kgs over.

                              THEN! I drop my camper trailer on the hitch. Which after some shifting around of cargo comes to 230kgs of Tow Ball Weight..

                              GMV in combination: 174.5 + 230 = 404.5 kgs over weight... Wow

                              I can certainly shift some stuff around and get rid of some things that's for sure, but I'm not going to even come close to shifting away 400kgs!!. Even if I took out, the dual battery, the bullbar, the winch, the fridge and emptied the watertank, i'm still not getting there.

                              A GVM upgrade isn't likely to fix that either if i'm honest...