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Steering shaft boot on firewall

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  • Steering shaft boot on firewall

    Hi, does anyone know if this looks right? There has been a slight clicking sound (similar to that of a relay) whenever there's steering movement. The dealer located the cause - plastic sleeve as part of the steering shaft boot is rubbing on something. This will be replaced under warranty when the part arrives. However, when I picked up the car (done 1,000kms) today I notice an obvious tapping noise (similar to bad tappets) from the driver side engine bay through the firewall when accelerating. Sounds similar to the diesel engine clacking I can be certain this noise wasn't present before. I suspect this comes from the steering shaft area so I took a photo of the shaft and hope to see if this looks right and nothing's been forgotten when they reassembled the boot. Any advice is much appreciated.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2955yec.jpg Views:	4 Size:	122.4 KB ID:	7694