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Question about hydraulic control when engine stops during driving

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  • Question about hydraulic control when engine stops during driving

    Hi, I live in the Philippines and about to order a Fortuner gasoline A/T 2018 model but wonder about the "electrical aided" hydraulics steering (and breaks?). I have an old Ford Escape 2x4 and recently almost had an accident when my engine quit (fuel pump or OBD-fuel injection failure) and lost control over my steering and breaks, I barely managed to maneuver to the side with incredible forceful steering and using my hand brake. Could this happen with the latest model Fortuner?

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    Hi Frank , we dont have the petrol engined Fortuners here in Australia , but on the diesels they have conventional hydraulic assist power steering and conventional vacuum assisted brakes. So if the engine quits you can still stop and steer but it will be hard brake pedal and heavy steering.
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      Thanks White One,
      I believe that the very heavy steering of my 13 year old Ford Escape (2x4, 2L gasoline engine) without engine power is due to the FWD, that's why I will order a 2x4 RWD, the Fortuner gasoline engine is a few grand cheaper here and we don't like vibrations and the smell inherent with diesels (although they are getting much better) and we also don't drive much. The Fortuner 2018 gasoline model is advertised to come with "electrically aided" hydraulics so I am hoping that may help when the engine dies while driving....