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  • Vibration noise

    Hello everyone.

    I am new to this site. I am a geologist and owner of a 2017 Toyota Fortuner diesel. my vehicle serves me for my field work, so it is highly tested. 26000 km in less than 3 months. 75% of the time on undeveloped tracks.

    my problem is that here we are forced to fend for ourselves because we do not have good mechanics adapted for this type of recent cars. currently I feel a loud noise in the cabin. I think it comes from behind the glove box or air filter box. they must be due to vibrations. the intensity this noise varies depending on the level of acceleration. between 2000 and 2500 RPM the noise is maximum. it disappears at more than 3000 RPM. it's been 2 weeks since I have this problem and it keeps getting worse.

    anyone has ever had this problem, please help me find the source of this noise.


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    hi mate i had a vibration noise from behind my glovebox from brand new. I pulled out the glovebox and then went for a drive with my brother sitting in the passenger seat to find out where the noise was coming from. It turned out to be on the right hand side a white plastic part that would hit so we just put some adhesive foam tape on it to stop it from rubbing and it has never been back since. I suggest you pull out your glovebox and do the same thing. Take someone for a drive and from the sounds of it, it should be the same problem as I could only hear it from around them revs also. Hope this helps


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      There have also been issues with the entertainment screen wiring harness vibrating on the unit between certain revs, there is a topic on this in this forum (somewhere!) try searching for it.



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        Hello Borgna and Boussa.

        I checked behind the Glover box, I think everything is OK there.

        Also maybe the air filter is not good. I changed it sometimes ago. I think I have to buy a brand new and original one. You know, here many things come from China.

        Now just arrived to Yaounde, I will go check to some serious parts dealers.

        After it I will let you know.

        Thank you.
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