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    I am disappointed for you Spook1205.... again dealer accessory sales pitch but no follow through. I have simply touched up asap with the 'correct' but very gluggy Toyota touch up brush in a lipstick size paint bottle as soon as I see a stone chip or scratch (I am still learning the finer arts of off roading without scraping into usually clay/ mud / earth embankments) and I have avoided rust at least I think... very interesting to see how the anti-corrosion warranty will be handled as its longer than the factory 3 yr warranty anyway...


    • Spook1205
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      I will touch it up myself like you. The guy eventually said he will pay for it to be touched up but wanted the car for 3 days.
      Honestly I’m done with Toyota and it’s warranty it’s less painful to just sort it out without them. The customer service is sh🤮t. Every dealership is the same in my opinion.

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    I reckon my dark grey will simply have some pinstriping accumulate and so be it... at least its being used off road occasionally and if I ever feel bad about it (in many years to come) I can always ask how much a respray is - the panels are straight at least!!!


    • SophieTaylor
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      Actually, I had my paint protection but I did not do the paint by myself. I go to car detailing and the result is great! I got it from and I don't have any issues and very satisfied. The cost is $1495 with 5 year warranty.

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    Thank you Sophie. I think that is a good product. I also found a mechanical product for heavier off road use called ‘Bush Barrier’ - Aussie product and its like a thick vinyl fridge magnet that protects from branches etc. My paint is sadly quite pinstriped after 4 yrs of using the vehicle.