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    I am wanting to find a sport to store my bits and pieces , a couple of bow shackles, tree protector and anything else I can fit really. I have not had a good look under to bonnet yet but I was hoping to fashion some sort of storage box between the battery and the firewall, (there seemed to be a bit of space there). I don't like that stuff in the cabin in case of a accident.

    Anyone done anything like this or have some better ideas.


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    I know you said you dont like stuff in the cabin but there is a huge amount of space under the rear seats for that type of stuff. If you are worried about it coming loose in an accident you could get a canvas bag made up and attach it to the seat mounting bolts


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      Thanks Mate. I will check out that space. I did not think of the canvas bag idea, I think the surplus supply stores sell those kind of bags. I'm liking the idea.


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        when i say rear seats i mean the 2nd row not the 3rd i always forget these cars have a 3rd row in them haha

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      I got some 90° angle brackets from Bunnings with a bolt hole on each face and bolted them in using the central bolt where the third row seats used to be as well as a Dune 4wd cargo box from Anaconda and a hook ended ratchet strap (also from Bunnings) and I keep all my recovery gear in the cargo box, tightly strapped down.


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        Thanks All, I still plan on making the under bonnet box behind the battery. There is a bit of room there, i would like to store the tow bar hitch there when it is not in use. Anyway in the meantime I went with blatchi's idea. Bunnings sell the craft-rite small woven canvas type bags for about $9 and a cheap strap. In here i have fitted 2 large bow shackles , a snatch block, tree protector and shifting spanner.

        Job done, Seems quite secure.