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  • Water sensors

    I have a fuel manager 30 micron diesel pre filter installed.

    Would like to to install an additional water sensor in or before the prefilter

    Do any of you have a system installed?? Was looking at the fuel manager option that goes into the glass bowl below the filter BUT the warning gauge looks big and am unsure where to mount on the dash.

    I have seen FLASHLUBE offer the sensor and light combo that would more neatly fit the dash. Not sure how good flashlube are??

    Water watch would be another other option but the most expensive and might prove more of a challenge to fit into the already crowded space.

    Cost not really the issue. Just want a good warning device.

    All of of this is just to get as much pre warning as possible should I get a poor quality load of fuel

    Any thoughts appreciated


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    I took a quick look online at the fuel manager sensor assembly , and i think you can substitute that large 52mm light with any 12v flashing LED , which you can the mount anywhere.
    2019 GX , in White


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      Top idea
      I hadn’t looked outside the box but that could well be the best way forward