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Acouple of Newbie Questions

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  • Acouple of Newbie Questions

    Hi Folks,
    A couple of new Fortuner GX questions if anyone could help-

    I live on a main road where traffic is quite fast and I need to accelerate and change lanes quickly when I pull out. Should I use the idle up button to warm up the car before pulling out? Would it be useful to turn on 'pwr mode' to start up and is there any way you can do this by default?

    Can the rear beeping sensors be adjusted so that they beep at a greater distance? (this is just something Im used to as I came from a car with sensors and no camera)


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    Idle-up only works in cold weather IIRC, and it's questionable how useful it is.. maybe someone else can tell us what its for?!
    PWR mode will definitely help you accelerate, changing the throttle response is essentially what it does. I don't believe you can make it stay on my default unfortunately. You obviously don't want to work the car too hard cold, but pulling out hard and backing off as soon as you are out in the traffic should be fine. I doubt idling it for ages would be better for it, it would take a long time and probably cause more wear IMO.
    No idea about the sensors, my 2015 GX doesn't have them.



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      hey guys,

      usually idle up is for colder climates yes, generally speaking no if you start the car run it for 30 seconds and go. You aren't stressing the engine by hitting the rev limiter, idling at lower RPM only uses fuel. the oils these days protect your engine and the temperatures where oil starts to get thicker is much colder than Australia has to offer the majority of the year.

      the idle up function can work in helping with alternator output etc.


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        Hi. My approach is to hold revs at 2.5k ... getting into the tall gears asap then pushing the throttle harder (still no more than 2.5k) as the speed increases. As boost pressure comes on, acceleration is great without revving the engine. It isn't max power but is still a prompt getaway without maxing the revs while cold. - S