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    hey all just wanting to get some information, i have two boys 1 and 4....but life has thrown a curveball and we are expecting a 3rd next year

    my question is how well does the back seat accommodate 3 child seats in the Fortuner? i want to stay in the Toyota family (Nissan convert) and on the hunt for a good Fortuner here soon.

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    it will be bloody tight.... if they fit. you may even have to get new car seats just so they all fit.
    more importantly think about trying to buckle the middle child in.
    friends of ours have 3 in a Kluger and my wife said there is heaps of space (enough room for her to climb in between between the front and rear seats and buckle middle child in), but had no idea how she would manage the same feat in her fortuner, lucky for us we only have 1.
    good luck with no3!


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      cheers bugger I am trying to avoid something like a Kluger, yeah i might see if the dealer will let me bring in some child seats lol and start the adult Tetris


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        3 kid seats in the back's gonna be tight, if not impossible. If you're in NSW I think kids have to be in child seats til age 7 (not sure about other states). A Prado is a bit wider.


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          thanks guys