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    My 7 pin plug sticks out further than the end of the hitch box, ie if you backed into something, the plug would hit before the hitch box. It is also not parallel to the end of the hitch box. So I removed the bracket and water came out of the plug, as it is also tilted up, so it makes a perfect place to fill with rainwater (the car was delivered 3 days ago).
    I intend making a shorter bracket to a) have the plug not protrude past the end of the hitch box, b) be square to the hitch box & c) have a slight tilt down so it doesn't fill with water when it rains !

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    Mine too, now the screws started rusting 😩


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      Has anyone noticed the angle the tow tongue has ? To me it looks like it's angled down with no load attached, with a load it will be worse.
      Spoke with a Toyota mechanic in Maryborough QLD and he agreed with me. I will consult my dealer in Melbourne when I return south (to the cold !)


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        The thing I was a bit dubious about was the clip on the tongue retaining pin. If the clip became a bit weak with use it could shake off out of the groove it sits in. To me the type of clip that fits through a hole in the end of the retaining pin would be preferable. Just my opinion. But I have spent time on some pretty rough and corrugated tracks to help form that opinion.