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  • Airbagman air bags

    Am looking at some airbags to moderate the rear suspension droop on my 16GX. Airbag man have 2 models - normal and high pressure.
    Those that have fitted or are doing the research on fitting what are your thoughts regarding which way to go. The website offers little in the way of differentiation between the 2 models. Am currently running standard suspension with no lift.

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    Hi Smiles,

    I have the standard ARB lift-kit (~35mm) with 0-GVM springs in the rear (they also offer 200kg-GVM). I've had fairly visible sag just fully loading the car for a big trip without towing..

    I've ordered a camper trailer (approx 1250kg tare), and am thinking of going straight to airbags before I even get it. I think it's more versatile than swapping to the 200kg springs.

    To answer your question, I don't have any experience with airbag man, but I did enquire about adding airbags to my car and got this response:

    "Yes this kit will suit aftermarket coils with a 50mm Raise, however unfortunately the high pressure (protective sleeves) will not fit the aftermarket coils due to the ID being too Narrow. "

    Not sure if that means they will fit stock springs? It also seems like the bags are actually the same item, just the sleeves let you pump them up higher?
    I'm also keen to hear from someone with experience.



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      Hey Smiles; for what its worth, I got ARBs 35mm lift in their BP51 kit & have a fair bit of rear sag. I carry a fair bit of stuff in the rear drawers 24/7. I upgraded the springs to ARBs 200kgs, which didn't do much. Add the rest; camping gear, fridge, clothes, sub fuel tank (& obviously extra fuel when full) recovery kit, food, water & spares etc for trips, & the rear sag is quite noticeable.

      Similar to DaveC, I'm hoping to get a camper trailer soon, & transfer some of that weight into it. Options then are either air bags, (leaning towards it) or 300kg constant rated rear springs.

      Good luck with that you decide on. I'll be watching this thread with interest, which will help me decide what I do when the time comes.


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        My car was the first Fortuner to have highpressure bags with kevlar. Highly recommend


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          You have stock springs lufkin?


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            Went with the HP air bags. Had them fitted last week. They need to have 2 weeks pumped to 20 psi till they take up the shape of the springs?
            I spoke to the chap at airbagman regarding the difference. Basically low pressure bags will work for up to ~200 kgs - full tank of diesel and 2 adults in the back seat. High pressure will take ~4-500 kgs - basically taking to GMV.

            Ride feels pretty stiff with no load. Not surprisingly. The ride height has returned to normal. Had no idea how much the springs had settled since new

            will keep you all posted


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              Hi folks. I put Airbag Man bags on the car to assist with towing the 16' single axle van (ATM 2700kgs though I won't load it beyond 2500kgs). I pump them up with the van on but it still seems to have a dip at the back of the car and the nose sits up. I've had no problem towing but want to do as another bloke has done and use a combo of upgraded suspension and the Airbag Man airbags. FYI, the I had the airbags fitted in Brendale (Nth Brisbane) by Auto Giant. Very helpful folks and I recommend the Airbag Man product, as does my caravan manufacturer (Kedron).


              • Spook1205
                Spook1205 commented
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                Normally I would put desired pressure in bags before attaching the van.
                But the combo of upgraded comfort rear springs, shocks and airbags works well.
                You may find if you upgrade the rear springs you will need a lift spacer fitted with airbag. When I fitted the polyair bags it had a larger spacer above the bag than if springs were stock.

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              For what its worth, I made inquiries with Lovells ages ago re the rear sagging when my Tuner is loaded. Told them I had 200kg rear springs fitted by ARB. They said they've 18mm thick springs which should solve the rear sag issue. Part detail being TRR-142HD. Only problem I can see is it'd make for a stiff ride without load in the rear or a tow rig.

              I'm in no rush for a fix, but still undecided if to go for air bags or the springs.


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                The standard suspension is really soft and seems it’s designed more for passenger comfort with no weight in it. To me the stock suspension was the worst thing about the vehicle.


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                  ive had the heavy duty airbags fitted to my crusade 16
                  the difference i was told standard bag 30psi-heavy duty (kevlar covering)60psi
                  just completing 14000km trip to top end and through the middle of qld & nsw & back to sa
                  towing a 2800kg caravan the bags have perform well giving me a 2" lift with 45psi
                  Standard suspension
                  dirt roads and rough and smooth bitumin
                  car and van performed really well
                  hope that helps


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                    Recently returned from a trip to Cape York etc. and I found the standard Fortuna suspension handled the tracks water crossings included all in it's stride.
                    I did experience bottoming out several times as car was loaded up with camping gear so had the dreaded rear end sag.
                    In my previous Pathfinder I installed ARB suspension heavy duty springs up front (had ARB Safari steel bar) medium duty springs rear with bp51 shocks but found I still needed air bags when loaded up with camping gear. I dont tow.
                    For me the Fortuna suspension works fine but will soon be adding Air Bags.
                    I have the ARB de-luxe Sahara Bar fitted.


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                      I've decided to get the heavier duty Dobinsons springs and shocks in the rear of the vehicle to work in conjunction with the airbags. [See my previous post] Being fitted next Monday, so will do an update when I have a chance to hook up the van and see how it performs. I've decided to not go with a lift kit - the car is a good height for the van and my better half is vertically challenged. Gotta keep the Boss happy! We'll see if I need to do anything to the front suspension of the car, but from what I'm told it should be okay with just doing the rear. Time will tell.


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                        Hi I have stock suspension. Occasionally tow our 18’ van. Rear does sag a bit. Van does not have massive ball load.

                        On one trip we had to take a lot of gear in the car and hit bump stops a bit. Turns out they have broken as a result.

                        I recently fitted airbag man heavy duty bags. What a pain they are. Many attempts and emails and even took to my mechanic. Ended up getting them to hold air on the weekend. The hose routing is not ideal with the chassis layout.

                        First trip this week with them and the van. See how it goes.

                        Will look into heavier duty coils if these don’t work. Very soft in the rear as standard.


                        • Spook1205
                          Spook1205 commented
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                          If they are not holding air then obviously something is not ok.
                          You can go a progressive spring rather than a constant load spring, that way you maintain some of the ride comfort.
                          Hopefully the airbags work out for you.

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                        Van towed much better with the airbags but still having issues so will have to look again at the air lines