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Rear springs upgrade to reduce towing droop

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  • Rear springs upgrade to reduce towing droop

    What I'd like to know is if anyone has had their 'rear springs' replaced for more heavy duty ones to reduce sag (without air bags).

    I noticed a post on here back in May 2017 from 'rjstokes' but no one had a suitable answer.
    I have exactly the same problem and
    I really don't want to go down the airbags route.

    I thought that maybe two years later there might be someone else that has done a spring upgrade to correct rear sag.

    I have a single axel caravan that loaded weighs approx. 2800kg (yes I know, right on the maximum for a tuna).
    The tow ball load is approx. 250-280kg depending on load (again, 280kg is the max for a tuna).

    My caravan is exceptionally sure footed when towed but the tuna rear end sag is too much IMHO (a 50mm drop).
    Interestingly, the front does NOT lift, which is a common problem for many 4x4 with larger rear axel overhang.

    Please don't suggest moving more weight aft, to remove weight from the ball, that practice is extremely dangerous for caravan towing, and no, I can't use a WDH as the van is an off-road model with an off-road hitch.

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    Many people have upgraded suspension.
    I had a single axle van and found shocks and springs made a good difference. Although it did not stop the back from being slapped down by van movement. It was a Euro style van with ball weight bit over 100kg.
    Not sure why you are against airbags though.
    I towed the van with just shocks swapped out. Then I put springs in and towed. Then I pulled them out to fit air bags.

    air bags was the single best overall upgrade to suspension for towing and ride height.
    I only put in a progressive 100kg rear springs as generally I have no weight in the car. There is no draws or extras fitted or stored so 200kg constant load springs where out of the question for me.