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Suspension collapse

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  • Suspension collapse

    My suspension let go on the front left.
    The bolt snapped or came out from the upper control arm (I have a 2" lift, not sure if that contributed but the upper control arm and the bolt are factory)and the wheel fell inwards.

    Long story but I was in the Murray National Park about 65kms north of Pinnaroo by myself. (limited phone service (Telstra))

    I had to limp (hopefully I didn't do too much damage) 22kms to a small township and borrowed a phone to get picked up by a RAA tilt tray and eventually trucked back to Adelaide.

    Can't recommend RAA premium (or your state's equivalent) enough.
    The two trucking movements plus one to be my preferred repairer tomorrow plus ones night accommodation in the motel is part of the premium membership.
    They'll only pick you up on a road not a track though so I had to get myself out of the park.
    (no affiliation with the RAA)
    I never felt in danger, I had plenty of food and water (+beer)
    just no sleeping gear.

    The fourth photo I think is what it's supposed to look like on the front right.
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    how long ago was the lift kit fitted? and did you fit it or sombody else?.
    My guess would be the nut came of and bolt walked itself out. That bolt should be nearly impossible to snap. My guess would be who ever fitted the lift undid you upper control arm to make fitting the strut easier and forgot to tighten it up


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      yeah its happened to others when the UCA nut isnt done up tightly.
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        I had the suspension upgrade installed two years ago.

        Maybe the nut came loose over time.


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          This could easily been prevented if noticed loose during servicing. Not like it just came loose and fell out quickly.


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            Originally posted by Spook1205 View Post
            This could easily been prevented if noticed loose during servicing. Not like it just came loose and fell out quickly.
            That's what I was thinking Spook.

            I dropped it back at the dealer this morning, turns out the right hand cv boot had split so they're going to replace the ball joints.
            No genuine stock in Australia so would have to come from Japan so getting non-genuine ball joints.

            Left hand side upper control arm was twisted so I asked to get them replaced with the Ironman upgraded control arms.
            Nothing finalised yet.


            • Spook1205
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              Good to hear it’s getting repaired. Definitely hit them up for responsibility if they have serviced it. Check the service book for what should of been checked during service.
              Ask them why it’s still loose (yes they won’t know or admit fault). But that will not happen overnight.
              Best of luck with it mate. Unfortunately you have been let down by bad workmanship.