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Rear suspension bushes

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  • Rear suspension bushes

    Hi team, replaced the rear springs with Pedders items to reduce the sag when towing, and I asked about some noises from the back end. The car has done 70,000km (2018 Crusade) and the Pedders guys said the condition of the control arm and panhard rod bushes looked like the were on a car that had done a rough 200,000km. While it was on the hoist they showed me the amount of slop I had at the back end. Will be going to Toyota next week to ask about the bushes but wondered if anyone has had the same issue and what the outcome was.

    I expect Toyota will not want to know as its fairly subjective what acceptable might look like but I do trust guys who do suspensions day after day.

    I assume most people change springs when the cars are young so maybe this has not surfaced.

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    My suspension upgrade was done about 6 weeks after I got the car, so I can't help with the bush wearing question. Sorry.

    Did you get a written report on the condition of the bushes from Pedders?, If not it may be a good idea to get one. It may help you trying to get some good will on replacement bushes, especially if the report refers to the wear resembling the 200,000km as you mention.

    Based on my experiences with my Toyota dealer, I think they'll try to fob you off, saying the bushes are a wearing part & while that's true, they likely shouldn't be as bad as Pedders say. (Hope your dealer is better than mine). Good luck.


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      Hope you have a good outcome with Toyota mate.
      If not, can pedders put their own branded suspension bushes in?


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        I had one front suspension control arm bush replaced under warranty , due to a groaning / squeak that took the dealer a couple of attempts to locate. The bush looked ok to the naked eye , just had minor cracking ,but when moved by a lever it was quite soft.
        Pedders , in my opinion , just try to extract more money out of you than what is required , so I would be getting another mechanic to take a look.
        2019 GX , in White


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          Hi team, the Pedders guy in Bunbury is straight, they did show me how much movement there was using a short lever and movement laterally was 5-10mm without much effort. Pedders do bushes but the point is a 2 year old car with 70k on the clock; I am start of wondering the the toyota feeling is, maybe disappointment or regret. With dpf and a few other things I have never had a new car that had so many problems.