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    Hi Gang. We've got a GXL 19. Im getting what looks like alot of conflicting information about suspension setups. We are looking at a simple 2inch/40-50mm lift in order to comfortably fit some 31/32 inch ATs. We currently don't tow anything nor load it right up. We're Looking at a simple camper trailer setup in the furture but a balanced box style setup. Ideally we would like the most comfortable ride.

    From what ive read the 0kgs sag but the 200kgs are too stiff. Can someone please clarify some personal experiences cheers.

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    Search for a comfort spring or also known as a progressive load spring. I have them fitted (100kg rated) in the rear of my Fortuner.
    The 200kg constant load spring is fine if you always carry an extra 200kg in the back.