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Dobinson vs Ironman suspension

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  • Dobinson vs Ironman suspension


    Just wonder witch to choose Robinson vs Ironman suspension ? Help please

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    Not sure if this helps or adds to the confusion, but I recently had Ultimate Suspension in Sydney do a full suspension upgrade on my Crusade. Very happy with the result, ride quality is excellent. They have a range of springs to set the vehicle up for how you want it rather than offering a single spring option.


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      I've had a set of Lovell's HD (40-50mm lift) test springs installed. Only city driving so far but heading to the Centre on the weekend - up the Oodnadatta and back across the Simpson - so will have a better sense of what they are like after that. Toyota's OE shocks are usually pretty decent.


      • river
        river commented
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        This is very good looking lift so far which Id like mine to be the same. I am going to a 4x4 shop tomorrow and going to talk to them about OME suspension/lift kit. Did you have to change your tyres on this too, if yes, have changed sizes? I have a crusade which is a 265/60/18 size tyre, any recommendation?

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      How's the ride with the HD springs?


      • gbrought
        gbrought commented
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        Pretty near perfect fully loaded. I haven't done a lot of driving unloaded since getting back but seems fine and I can't remember if its much different - i'm sure it has to be but not noticeable. But then after 6000kms on the road I may have just got used to them?

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      I now have a 2" Ironman Foam Cell Pro kit fitted to my Fortuner (Constant load front springs & comfort rear springs) They were bouncy at first, but now they have settled in and are performing well. As the wife is not complaining.


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        Ive got bilstiens and king springs today.
        But it was lifted 50mm in the front and 60mm in the rear.
        But now it shutters like crazy on take off.
        Can it be fixed


        • Skardo22
          Skardo22 commented
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          I recommend a TJM spacer kit for that amount of lift for ur tail sharf center bearing, or two ARB spacer kits. Ur center bearing will need to be dropped around 16mm or until ur tail sharf is straight.

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        Had Ironman system in now for a few weeks and very good. Foam cell Pro Shocks
        Lot smoother than OME systems I have had in previous toyotas. You will need a driveshaft spacer to take out the vibration after the lift


        • Kranktank
          Kranktank commented
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          Do you know the size or spacer kit used as iv had a 2" lift, used the Oldman Emu Tocuma 30mm kit and iv still got some vibration.


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        TJM 15 mm spacer I think