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  • Dssv

    DSSV stands for Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve. PSD is Position Sensitive Damping. If you understand internal bypass technology, then it will be easy to understand PSD. It uses the same principle to use internal ports to alter the flow of fluid depending on the position of the shock piston. DSSV is a little more difficult to explain, but it is a completely different way of engineering the shock piston head. Where “traditional” shocks use stack of flexible disks (or washers) at the piston head, the DSSV damper uses a spring-loaded spool valve. Why use a spool valve? Multimatic says that the spool valve can be manufactured in different sizes, with different internal spring rates, and with ports of different size, and all of this is mathematically predictable by the laws of fluid dynamics and formulas that stem from it.

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    This will be sounds good for us.