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    I saw on the forum that a few people have had the ome bp51 shocks installed on their vehicles. I contacted my local arb stor to enquire about them and have been told that they do not have them out for the fortuner yet. I mentioned that I had seen at least 2 people on here that had them so he contacted the cheif arb engineer and he confirmed that they do not have them out for the fortuner. They do have the fronts because they are the same as the hilux but do not have the rears and also said that he thought they may have trouble fitting them in the rear for some reason.
    Those of you that have had them fitted, did you only get them on the front or did you get front and rear and if so what is the part number of the rears? Are they hilux ones or from another similar vehicle?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Eddo83 When i went to the 4x4 Show in Perth back in November the same was echoed by ToughDog, apparently the valves inside the rear suspension are very fine, which is why if the back end isn't loaded down and you go over a lot of fine imperfections the car jitters on the road, I was told by the ToughDog guy that theirs is just about ready to be released even though the 4x4 place I got my bar work done at said they can do the ToughDog install for $2k 2" but i've been quoted $1700 for Dobinsons 2"


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      what kit was the $1700 dobinsons one you were quoted ?

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    Not sure if this helps, but this is what I originally got, being ARBs nitro-charger set up. You'll see from the receipt they use a combination of items for Hilux & Prado. Also, I found with the constant weight of my gear in the back of the car, I had a bit of rear sagging. So I recently upgraded the rear springs to 200kg constant weight, which helped.