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Pedders Suspension Rear Spring Upgrade

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  • Pedders Suspension Rear Spring Upgrade

    G'day all,

    We've got a GXL which tows a single axle offered van, with about 250kg on the ball. Unsurprisingly there is a fair bit of rear end sag. I've put in firestone airbags (without Kevlar sleeves) and we use a WDH. I'm pretty keen to ditch the WDH if possible as it is completely unsuited to any offroad work and a bit of a pain.

    I rang Pedders today who say they can install HD springs in the rear combined with softer springs. They reckon the Fortuner from factory is the opposite - soft springs (hence the sag) and firm shocks (hence the firm ride). Just wondering if anyone else has crossed this bridge before I lash out the cash.

    In summary, we don't want a lift at all, don't do a great deal off offroad work, but do tow and use it as a daily drive. In a perfect world I'm looking to smooth the ride out and stiffen the rear springs when a load is on the back - it seems they are mutually exclusive.


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    Before you go spending money on the suspension, 250kg on the ball seems like too much for a single axle van to me. it would be worth redistributing some of the items from the front to the middle or just behind the axle of the van. Also do you have a lot of gear in the back of the tuna? Can it be moved?
    if the answer is no then I think springs are your only option.


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      G'day DZ,

      The van is 2500kg all up, the ball varies between 230-260 depending on loading - I'm more nerdy on checking than most caravaners - trust me! The ball weight is about right for the mass of the van (~10%) so that won't change. That said, our van (unlike most) has a decent payload so more often than not its about 2200-2300kg. I saw a review recently of a Fortuner towing a tandem axle van and the rear sag looked shocking! I'll attach the picture if I can find it. Ours is far better with the bags and WDH, just looking to get rid of the WDH if possible. And interested to see if anyone has used Pedders, opinions, softer shocks, HD springs etc.


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        Ah I see that's a relatively heavy van for just one axle i agree that stiffer springs could be the way to go (or better still airbags), especially if you are bottoming out the suspension (happened on my old Prado). BTW the older style weight distribution hitches that use rods are higher off the ground. Might be worth considering also...
        <p>Easy to use & install, the 2 Bar Kit helps to level the join between the tow vehicle & whatever you may be towing.<br> Benefits include an improvement in overall steering & handling and even a reduction in tyre wear. Suitable for vehicles with tow
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          I was told by the place I had my front springs replaced that the shocks are stiff. The springs are soft, no doubt about that. I upgraded with two inch life to 300kg constant load springs at the front to support the winch and bullbar. No sag whatsoever, and little change in ride.

          I would suggest you replace the springs only with constant loads. Seek your suspension specialist advice whether you wish to get a two inch lift, I would however would get a lift on the rear. That way with your van and some other luggage your ride should be pretty level.


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            That looks like it will be the go. Any advise on which shocks are built for comfort? I've been quoted on Pedders, OME/Kings or Bilstein/Kings so far. Only Pedders have described their shocks as 'comfort'...