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  • Air Bag Suspension

    We have a reasonable large caravan and noticed that we were getting some sag in the rear which was to be expected. Did a bit of looking around and found that Airbag Man have gear suited for the Fortuner.

    I was hoping to do the fitting myself but as the coils would need to be removed I decided to to get the installed. Bit disappointed as I enjoy doing this type of thing but just keen on damaging anything just yet.
    We had our brake controller and twelve pin plug fitted last week which let a great spot for the air lines to be installed as they had to modify the original 7pin bracket (see photo).

    Had our compressor under bonnet mounted on the Prado and it was one of the best things that I could of done so I have installed it for now where the second batter goes. May have to find a new location when I get around to putting the extra battery in, but for now we are sorted with the caravan extra batteries and solar so might hold of for a while.

    Haven't had a chance to hook the caravan up again to test the bags but doing a dry test this evening, it looks like it will definitely help.

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    Looks good Simon,

    Let us know how she goes with the airbags.
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      These bags are great stuff mate. I had a jeep with a sagging rear end caused by the soft spring rates on it, Rather than change springs out i fitted air bags and they did a great job for the next 6 years, The other thing with bags is that you can adjust them to the ride you want with or without the caravan on the back. Enjoy.


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        Hi Simon,

        What are your thoughts with the Airbag man airbags? Help the rear end sag much? Worth having?




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          how much was it for the bag setup?


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            I've been quoted $695 from the dealer fitted. The airbagman kit retails for $345 apparently and most would charge $200 to fit so about $550 all up anywhere else! Really keen to hear how effective they are...


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              Hey Ryan, sorry for the delay. Pricing sounds about right. I was originally going to fit the myself but after trying for a hour or so decided that it wasn't going to as straight forward as i had been told so took it to a Airbagman recommended local installer. Still took them nearly two hours to fit but did a cracking job.
              We only use the when we are towing our caravan and definitely help with levelling and prevent sag. Ride is a bit stiff if you leave them inflated with out any load.


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                Hi guys, I too will be installing airbags in the next week or so to help level out the 4wd / caravan combination (170 kgs on the towball). I have quotes from Pedders (Airbagman) and TJM (Polyair). Both come in at around $600 fitted. Does anyone have any thoughts on which product is better? They seem to be of similar quality, the decision may come down to who gives me the best service.
                Cheers, Archie.