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Poor braking performance after suspension upgrade?

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  • Poor braking performance after suspension upgrade?

    Just to note that if you have upgraded suspension and rear is lifted higher (actual final mm) say 35 mm front and 60 mm rear, you may find braking performance has suffered, noticed more under lighter braking applications.

    This is due the the Electronic Brakeforce Distribution programme backing off hydraulic pressure to rear brakes, it does the opposite if rear is sagged or front is raised and will allow more pressure to rear brakes.

    The Yaw sensor is tricked into thinking there is less weight over rear wheels and doesn’t want them to lock up.

    To correct the problem Toyota can reset the yaw sensor to new ride height. The vehicle can actually throw a trouble code if ride height goes outside perimeters.

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    dandin is there a Torque PID for this one mate?


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      I saw your entry and after fitting my Dobinson (45mm front / 60mm rear) had Southside Toyota in Brisbane run a brake test (they have a drive on machine that measures brakeforce at each wheel) and they did that for free with a print out. Maybe your dealer can do the same? My brakes were perfect and within factory specs despite the rear being higher as well (for when I'm loaded with gear and the rear sinks again).

      Super happy with the ride now (60-100kg front (steel bar and winch) and 0-200kg comfort rear with MRR remote res shocks and only issue is the lift is more like 25mm at the front and 45mm at the rear at 2 months post fitting. Apparently Dobinson springs settle a fair bit but the ride is fantastic compared to factory.


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        I'm about to pull the trigger on some suspension. Do you mind sharing how much yours set you back ?

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      Priced up a bilstein lift kit today, a tick under 2000 installed, in Townsville