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  • Engine Braking

    Guys, I'm not sure if this is a transmission issue or ECU programming issue; was driving down a hill (speed limit was 80km/h), and it was cruising at 70km/h. Just short way downhill, engine braking began, but It felt like 3rd gear way too low & engine went very loud, and the front dipped down. I was expecting gear to down shift to 5th. When pressing the shift pedal on steering, it showed D5

    Engine braking is good, helps ease on the brakes, but I think situation would have been dangerous if sudden engine braking when road was wet and slippery.

    Any ideas how to minimise this? (Or switch off this feature)
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    Ok figured out, Maintaining speed helps.


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      The "engine braking" feature of the auto gearbox is actually a bit funny. They should have done more re-calibration of the gearbox as it "grabs" the diff abruptly when it happens. What i'm concerned is when it revs up to 3200 rpms to engine brake the car. I don't know if its good for the valves or the turbo because it is an artificial engine braking instead of installing a proper exhaust brake. I can just imagine that it is may be stressing the components of the autogearbox. ugggh.


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        Ive had the same issue many many times and written in other topics about it. IMHO The gearbox is too smart and changes into sixth too early so then it has to drop back to third too harshly... Im doing a few things now.... I either be prepared to flick the paddle (since it happens on 4 certain hills on way to work and 3 on way home) OR i switch to sports mode and dont select past 4th in those areas. Ive noticed it less when in power mode.....