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Did I just find a way to disable the notorious sensitive downshift (engine brake)?

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  • Did I just find a way to disable the notorious sensitive downshift (engine brake)?

    I hate the downshift most of the time when I press my brake slightly when going downhill, because it just doesn't upshift soon enough afterwards. I saw somewhere saying the transmission is "clever" that learns our style, so I was curious if I could "tell" it to not to do it.

    One day, I was going downhill and I knew it would downshift but before it does so, I used my paddle shift to upshift, hoped the computer would get the idea.

    Since then I don't get that undesired downshift when I brake as normal on a downhill without using the paddle. (maybe it will still downshit when I brake harder)

    Have other people experienced this already? Could someone please confirm?


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    Yeah it works, you can also use the gear selector to put it in 4th or what ever gear you want. its good in the tuna as you can use the paddles without touching the gear selector, do if it's just just in "D" it will turn off if you come to a stop or just change up to 6th. stuffs me why they built the down shift into these cars when the engine breaking is so minimal! Hilux does the same thing

    they dont remember seem to remember your driving behavior to you'll have to do it every time you go down the same hill
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      yes it does work , i suspect the car uses its onboard axis sensor to determine it is going downhill and therefore it tries to apply some non existant engine braking. Problem seems to be fixed in the 2019 models.
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        mines a 12/19 model and it does the downshift going down hill. Oddly I tried the paddle upshift today also and it seemed to work.