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Auto Transmission Shift Lock Button

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  • Auto Transmission Shift Lock Button

    The previous generation Toyotas had a button next to the shift lever, that was easy to press and slip the Auto transmission into N (to push it out of the garage etc. if you wanted to do that without starting the vehicle).
    The new Fortuners have a slot, that the manual says you push by inserting something into it...

    Does anyone use it and how do you make it work?

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    2015 GX auto / Genuine steel bull bar, snorkel and tow package / Ultimate suspension / Rhino sliders / BFG KO2s / ORS drawers ...


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      So you need to have power on and foot on the brake as well. I did read that back when I tried it, will have to give it another go. Thanks mate.


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        I've got the auto and never had to put my foot on the break while starting it.


        • Bussa
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          If you have push button start/proximity key, foot must be on the brake to start...unfortunately!

        • thehunteroz
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          only got the GX so kind of handy.

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        on the GX , you can insert the ignition key into that small square hole , which will allow you to move the gearshift out of Park.
        2019 GX , in White


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          Yeah you should be able to use the removable key from the fob also, in fact I'm pretty sure it's designed for just that.