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Brand New Car - wheel Alignment

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  • Brand New Car - wheel Alignment

    Hi Guys

    Ive noticed when driving the new car i have to point the steering slightly to the right to go straight. It has 200KLMS on it its a brand new car.
    No pot holes nothing hard driving just going on normal street.

    CAN Anyone tell me if this is normal for new Fortuners?

    Im about to tell Toyota to fix this, but before i do i wanted to know what everyone experiences are.

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    I didn't have the issue when we bought ours...

    Most dealers can perform a wheel alignment. If your dealer is kind, they will do this for you at the 1000km check up if you let them know about it now...others may not and charge you.


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      Yeah sweet mate, there is a 1000klm check up, ill run it in till then but im going to notify them could be just break in period and moving parts are gelling to the conditions.
      Thanks for the solution bud.


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        I got a 6 month old demmo model. No such issues.


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          When you get the wheel alignment state the vehicle is pulling to the left. Ask them to check caster and camber not just toe.
          Also get a printed read out of alignment angles. It’s easy to tell if it is set up correctly from the print out.


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            Yeah tell me about it I got a brand new car pulling to left wtf anyways it should be fine
            I’m going to bring it in this weekend and get it fixed


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              Update - Today Peter Warren took the car, my misses had a great customer service experience, the car wheel alignment was done free of charge and the car is driving straight ---
              now off to Jervis Bay for the weekend cant wait for Hermit Crab and Fishing !!!