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Chasing different offset rims to fit larger tyres

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  • Chasing different offset rims to fit larger tyres

    Hi All,
    Yesterday went out on the hunt for some decent offroad tyres for my GXL intending to go with the Mickey Thomson ATZ 265/70/17 on my standard GXL alloy rims. The vehicle has had a 40mm lift and a Toyota bullbar fitted, which from what I'd been reading the 265/70/17's would fit with a slight rub on the front mudflaps at worst. A 265/70/17 ATZ was test fitted on the front and it was found the tyre touched the upper control arm at about 3/4 lock in the steering. Plan B was the OEM sized 265/65/17 BFG KO2 which has now been fitted with no clearance issues, but has uncovered some other potential problems. The 265/65/17 KO2's on the standard GXL alloy rim leave the edge of the rim awfully exposed to damage from being hit on gutters or ruts when offroad. Also the ability of the tyre to "bag out" when aired down for offroad driving looks to be pretty average.
    I'm thinking the >+30mm offset of the OEM GXL alloy rims make fitting a taller tyre difficult due to fouling on the upper control arm and the lack of "dish" on the rims exposes them to potential damage.

    I'd like to move the rim further outwards away from the control arm to get a taller tyre on, which looks possible as there appears to be about 25mm to play with before the tyre protrudes outside the guards.
    Has anyone played with different rim offsets to see what fits and what doesn't ?

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    I test fitted some 17X8 0 offset steelies a little while ago to see how they would sit with the 265/70/17 ko2's, they site about 10mm outside but I reckon you would get away with it...only prob is it rubs bad at the front so will wait till the bullbar is fitted before fitting them. Also rubs very slightly on the rear mudflap althou I reckon I could trim that down a bit.


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      How much extra clearance do you need. You can get slip on wheel spacers that can make a small difference. I believe they are legal as you still use the original wheel studs. There are others which use the original wheel studs to hold them in place and have additional studs for the wheels, I think this sort is illegal.

      Check out this page for a picture of the legal ones...

      P.s. other sites call the legal ones shims. See snake racing page.
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