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Matching GXL 17 inch Alloy Wheel

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  • Matching GXL 17 inch Alloy Wheel

    Anyone know where I could get a 17 inch alloy wheel that matches the OEM wheels on the GXL Fortuner?

    I've contacted Toyota & they want around $1200 for one which is more than a bit over the top for just one wheel. Thought some of you guys might know of a another source that's a (a lot) more reasonable.



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    Not sure if it helps, but my GX demo was up-specked by Toyota with leather trim & 4 x 18" OEM alloys, with the spare remaining as the stock 17" steel rim.

    I got an 18" OEM alloy from Toyota's Banksmeadow Pre-Delivery Centre (Sydney) to match the alloys that came with the car for $300. I thought this was steep, but the guys who fitted my off road tyres said it was cheap, considering it was an OEM alloy.

    Don't know where you live, but the Pre-Delivery Centre's details are 3-5 Moore Street, Banksmeadow NSW, ph: 02 81178487. Even if you live interstate, it may be worth a phone call to pick their brains.


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      Thanks for that info Anthony.
      You did well with getting those upgrades. I've just come across a brick wall with any attempts to get a reasonably priced matching wheel so will try the contact you've given me.


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        im in Newcastle an I will have a set of 4 18' OEM alloys for sale as I've just purchased a set of rims


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          Thanks for the offer Skardo but I was after a 17" rim


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            I'm going down to 17' as well as I have a GX and my spare is a 17', its also coz there are more tires sizes available on a 17... Have you looked at Kings Wheels Click image for larger version

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              Plenty of options for aftermarket wheels but I'm not looking at replacing all wheels if I can avoid it!


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                Just your spare... Maybe ask on here if anyone is selling their 17 GXL rims, coz if you have a camper trailer you could use them on it as well... just an idea, as I haven't seen to many GXL rims on ebay (i looked for mine lol)


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                  I found a bloke through ebay that deals in toyota genuine parts and in particular rims. has a warehouse full of them. could be worth a look to see what he has

                  i swapped my 18 for 17s which came off 2015 FJ cruiser

                  Based in seven hills.. look on eBay
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                    Originally posted by geo View Post
                    Plenty of options for aftermarket wheels but I'm not looking at replacing all wheels if I can avoid it!
                    Im selling 4 GXL17 alloys for $400 for the lot :P


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                      I just purchased !7" alloy from Toyota to replace the steel spare on my GXL and it cost me $258.50. I really thought they screwed up and ordered a steel wheel instead, however when it arrived and I opened the box, there it was, brand spanking new 17" matching alloy! Had to wait few weeks for it to arrive from Japan but it was worth it.

                      For anyone interested Toyota part # 426110KK10.


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                        Hi Guys, i have a gxl with the standard alloys, not alot of experiencd with rims/tyres etc, was looking at a set of offroad tyres/rims on gum tree (muddies etc) for good deal. What are the limits we can put on as standard?


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                          Frazza, I've put on Mickey Thompson ATZ (aggressive all terrain) 265x70x17 and I am very happy with them. They do rub the front mudguards a little on turn but do not cause any problems.