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    What is the maximum width tyre (all terrain) I can put on a 18 x 7.5 wheel?

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    There isn't much out there, id say a 275 comfortably.. But just remember that a 265/65R18 (over all diameter size) is the biggest you can fit under the car as a spare. So unless your going to put your spare somewhere else, id be sticking to that. You will also need a lift to get that size tyre under that Forty.. There is more tyre size and brand availability with 17" rims, which is what I'm looking at.


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      Do all 265/65/R18 tyres rub with standard suspension, or is it just some (with extra deep tread or mud terrain)?
      I'm sure I've read on here some folks have 265/65/R18 on their crusade, with no rubbing...perhaps they are less aggressive tread?

      265/65/R18 is the same as a 31 inch overall diameter from memory and about 1 inch larger than standard.


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        from what I've heard they rub on front mud flap with a 2" lift, so pretty sure they will at standard height.


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          Click image for larger version

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ID:	6546 Does anyone know if anyone is importing these TRD wheels into Australia? They fit FJ, Tacoma (same chassis as Prado)


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            I have found these ones, but they are fakes for $990. But don't look anywhere near as good as real TRD SEMA wheels


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              Another option is the Advanti Blizzard and import TRD centre caps from the USA as importing TRD rims from USA freight is more then rims cost. Photos below show (L) Advanti Blizard with TRD centre and (R) real TRD wheel.


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                  Hi Skardo,

                  I first saw the TRD style rims on eBay when searching for FJ cruiser rims and loved the look of them, also found the FN FX variants discussed here:


                  Had no idea about the Advanti Blizzards, they look good but wonder if I can get them in a cement/anthracite greay isntead like the pics above?

                  Black is cool, not sure I can do machined, black, blue car though aesthetically speaking.

                  Click image for larger version

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                    I don't believe you can get them in another colour, but I'd probably get them powder coated a light grey colour. Im unsure if the TRD caps fit, as all the pics I have are FN wheels or original. But they look so damn close to the FN wheels, id assume the centre caps would fit.