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Tyre swap to 245/70/17

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  • Tyre swap to 245/70/17

    Losing my mind trying to decide on tyres without getting a lift and getting some more traction. One option suggested that I'd not considered is to go from 265/65/17 to 245/70/17. Has anyone done this? If so, what was road handling like or any other difference, positive or negative? Cheers

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    You're not gaining anything by going to the 245's. They will have the same diameter as 265's but will be skinnier so will be worse if anything due to a reduced footprint. Only time it may be an advantage is in mud because the thinner tyres will cut through the mud down to firm ground easier.


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      Bigger wheels is the way to go mate. if you want a lift. getting the normal lift just raise the body height and gives better ramp over clearance. For a proper lift you need more clearance under the diff at the rear and the sump in the front. The only way way you will get this is by using a larger diameter tyre. Couple of things to consider with alarger diameter tyre. First speedo error. The larger tyre means you will b driving faster than the speedo indicates. This can be fixed by alteringthe speedo calibration. The dealer can do this to a certain extent. Ask them what size tyres they can give speedo correction for first..then bigger wheels alter the gearing of the car moving the gears up a bit as the wheel travels further each turn due to the larger circumference. A small increase in diameter won't be too bad, but you will use more fuel due to extra load on the engine. If you want a big lift from a real big tyre you will need to alter the diff ratios front and rear to compensate for the increased gearing. Gets expensive here. I suggest you have a good talk to someone at 4wd shop and ,make up you mind how you want to approach this mate.
      All the best with it.


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        What kind of surface are you looking for extra traction in?


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          Thanks for the input, I carried on searching advice with locals, both professionals and social groups, stuck with the 265/65/17 and got the Toyo AT2, was really chasing a deeper profile only not keen to lose any power from bigger tyres. Decided against changing size and am happy with performance offroad so far. we're a bit limited in our vehicle with suspension component packaging and wheel arch size as to what can be done lift/tyres etc. Will see where the aftermarket and I am at when it comes time to change these new hoops.


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            has anyone tried to fit 275/65/17s? The new Mickey Thomson All Terrain 38s come in that size in passenger construction which look like a good option for my high kms on the blacktop (I have a 2nd set of rims with BFG KM2 sized 265/70/17s for offroad trips).