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Painting vs powdercoating rims

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  • Painting vs powdercoating rims

    HI All, I'm chasing a bit of advice - I've plastidip'd my rims black and I really like them. The plastidip isn't holding up that well with a bit of off road work. I tried to do a good job and read all the forums but it is starting to look a bit shabby.

    I have been quoted $600 for a stain paint job over 3 or so days - or there is a crowd I've been on the net which will you drop the car off and they powdercoat in a single day. for $800

    interested to know your thoughts:

    1. which is better Powder coat vs paint job.
    2. can you even powdercoat in a single day. - that includes dropping the car off, removing wheels and tires, Powdercoating and then replacing.

    seems too good to be true so I'm thinking it is...........

    cheers Doddsey
    waiting for the weekend

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    won't be as shiny or pretty as paint but will hold up good