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  • Whipped's Wagon Tourer

    Thought I'd create one of these now that a few things have been done to my 16' GXL and have had a few trips away.

    April 2017 bought it as a ex-demo. Stock with only a Sat-Nav upgrade as part of the purchase.

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    First little trip was up to Denman for a dirtbike enduro. First time using the bike-hitch, worked really well. Will probably wire up a trailer light kit in the future though to keep the Police happy and make sure I don't get run in to!


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      The start of the mods;
      Iron Man 2" lift
      Goodyear Duratrac A/T 265/70R17
      TJM Airtec Snorkel

      At the Watagans


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        Camping trip up-to Point Plomer. We took the Settlement Point Ferry over from Port Macquarie and drove up Plomer Rd, it was really rough and in some sections had super soft sand but got through no troubles.
        On the way back we drove down the beach.
        New mods;
        Kings D hole steelies - 17x8 0 offset
        Front Runner Slimline II roof platform
        Stedi 30" light bar


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          Fraser Island for end end of year holiday.
          First time to Fraser and loved it! Will definately try to get back there again.
          No major mods this time only a set of front and rear recovery points


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            Thought i'd give making a set of rocksliders a try and pretty happy with the result.
            I liked the way the Front Runner rock sliders mounted to the chasis so I borrowed the design of the brackets, the rest was just winging it till it looked right.


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              Nice one ๐Ÿ‘

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            The last weekeder we did was to the Barrington Tops. Stayed at the Gummi Falls campground, the drive in and out via the Devils Hole Campground was a fun 4WD track, steep descent/accents to get in and out of the grounds especially as it was raining 80% of the time.

            That's It for now. Once the funds allow I'll be doing a duel battery and rear drawer set-up.


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              nice mate i like your rock sliders. How much did it cost you?


              • blatchi
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                pretty sure its near impossible to get the complied i have a feeling they would have to do destructive testing on them

              • Spook1205
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                They are not a structural part of the actual chassis so canโ€™t see it being an issue.

              • mrh460
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                This is part of a recent article by Robert Pepper about replacing factory side steps with rock sliders -

                โ€œThe problem for modern vehicles is side airbag compatibility, as a strong structure on the side of the vehicle affects its crush characteristics. It's difficult to make rocksliders compatible with side airbags because the timing of the airbag activation is critical - a tiny fraction too late is as bad as a fraction too early. The airbag should deploy before occupant's body hits the airbag; not just after. Yet the rocksliders need to be strong enough to take the weight of the vehicle. ... So general advice; for offroading ditch the sidesteps. If you want to get into tough terrain fit rocksliders or strong sidesteps from an offroad aftermarket manufacturer, and if you want to side airbags to still function effectively, ensure the steps or sliders you buy are side-airbag compatible.โ€

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              Nice pics ๐Ÿ‘


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                Hi guys, very sad to say but my Fortuner now sleeps with the fishes!
                A few weeks ago went out for a drive not expecting to do anything crazy or exciting. Came to the bottom of a hill on a fire trail where it had been raining a few days prior and decided to drive through, what we thought was a small bit of water, to keep on exploring.
                It turned out to be deeper than we thought and were stuck in no time!
                5hrs later and a mate of mine came and pulled us out of the water.

                The Fortuner spent 5 weeks going back and forth between places where no-one wanted to touch it and it eventually was written off.

                I was able to rescue some of the stuff I have put onto it and have posted them on here in the Sell, Swap, Wanted section of this forum and also on Gumtree.
                If anyone is looking for a bargain on some good gear check it out.


                Thanks guys.


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                  Jeez, that's a sad end to a nice truck!! Out of interest, what next for you?


                  • Whipped
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                    Thanks mate, pretty devastated when it happened but after it was all sorted it worked out okay as we now have some spare cash to upgrade the missus car and a little left over for me to find something else.

                    I'm not sure yet, I think I'll go second hand with my next one with a bunch of the big stuff already done to it. Have been looking at Patrols & Landcruisers recently just have to see how far my $$ can stretch