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    Thought it might be time to start a build of my own as I read a lot of the other topics which have helped a lot before making big purchases.
    I’ve been on the forum since I picked up my run out 2015+ Gxl fortuner in mid 2016.

    The TJM snorkel was the first to go on.Here's a link to my install.

    I’ll start digging out some photo’s on what’s been done and post them up.

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      I picked up this bumper protector off Ebay for about $140. Its been a good investment as my dog jumps in and out and it doesn't show the scratches.


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        Slightly off topic, but a bit of a story
        This was a bit of a wild ride for us. We had just left Yeppoon for Brisbane early one Sunday morning. Anyone that's been on the road between Rockhampton and Yeppoon know that its a pretty fast pace and windy road. So with the Mrs in passenger dozing off and the dog in the boot we were cruising along at 100clicks. I clipped the edge of a pothole, which I hardly felt it in the tuna but the old trailer didn't handle it to well. Next thing I hear a massive crack, then felt the back of the car lifting off the ground, I can see nothing but sparks behind us in the mirror. The dog has completely freaked out and jumped from the boot and is now on my lap. (Yes I'll be getting a cargo barrier). The first reaction was to touch the brakes. The second I did this the whole car started to jackknife with the trailer pushing us. Tried this again at about 80clicks, same thing happened. Ended up staying completely off the brakes and letting it slide for about 100m whilst somehow keeping it on the road.

        The trailer has a swivel hitch which I think saved our butts. The pothole was enough of a hit to snap the bolt that's links the leaf to the trailer. You can see the hole straight through the tyre from the leaf. The back wheels were about 150mm off the ground.

        Zero damage to the car, not even a scratch.

        We bought a lotto ticket that day...
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          Dual Battery setup.
          Polaris battery charger.
          Solar input feeds in off Anderson plug on drivers side.
          This thing was a tight squeeze.


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            Pulled the rear seats out.
            Installed the Titan draws 900mm - Haven’t bothered putting the wings on yet.
            Msa drop slide- great bit of gear. So easy to use. The mrs loves it. It’s a solid bit of steel though, so pretty heavy. Also rattled abit when driving. I just chock it with some rags for the rough trips.
            40l Engel fridge
            usb points, battery gauge and 2x constant feed cig sockets.
            Also mounted a light to the door. Really happy with the functionality of it all.


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              well done , good setup there. Yes i know the Rocky - Yeppoon rd , we go to Gt Keppel occaisonally. Ive seen trailers come adrift before due to rusty chassis but not seen your type of failure as yet. lucky no one hurt
              2016 GX , in White


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                It looks great!