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  • Kiwi-tuna

    My mods so far:

    2015 white tuna
    Cheapo MCC bullbar which is ok quality
    Rumva 9500 winch
    Underbody protection
    265/70/17 Hankook MTs (which I really like - aggressive AT tyres really)
    Zero offset steelies
    2019 black grill
    OME suspension and modest lift
    Removed the steps
    TJM snorkel

    Soon to come, the bullbar top loop is getting re-powder coated and should be on soon
    Some good LED spotlights mounted on bullbar

    After that not so sure...

    It's been a learning curve for me, I grew up on a farm and so know what a proper 4x4 should be like, but I've never actually built one up before, so trial and error... Some of the parts have been cheap, but that is how you learn...
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    Still looks great and well made though.


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      Nice. Welcome to the group


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        Thanks guys,
        I added on the top (single) loop on the bulbar - mainly just for looks... Planning some large LED spots, and I really need to fix the mudguards as they scrape on the tyres.

        This truck can take some knocks for sure, been over some pretty rough tracks now - winch has been handy!


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          It looks nice. How high is the lift kit?


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            Just the standard OME, which I think is 45mm front and 35mm rear

            It feels like more than that though ,less sag all round, plus the tyres give it an extra 20mm


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                Well after two years that's all she wrote. Thanks to all for various advice and help with things; the rear seat removal, boot lid beep disable, and in particular the fuel-filter reset procedure were incredibly helpful, just to name a few.

                I was getting increasingly disgruntled with the Fortuner; lack of after-market, limitations on a few things (wheel size), and mainly: reliability. On that latter point, my truck had two DPF replacements - during the week I drive 150km in city only, short trips. In the weekends it is 300km of open road. And every 3-6 months a large 3,000km trip down the length of NZ to the family farm. Whatever reason, the DPF just hated that combination of driving. The fuel-filter sender also failed twice, initially they replaced it with the exact same 2015 version, and only a month ago I finally got them (out of warranty) to replace it with the newer upgraded parts. The front drivers seat also failed - lost it's ability to change height without crashing down. The cam-chain started rattling, and Toyota (at 50km) said I'm imaging it, and reminded me it's out of warranty.

                The truck was great fun anyway, and very capable off-road. what drove me over the edge was Toyota NZ basically calling me an idiot for all the various failures. That, and that they offered only a $30k trade in value. Toyota NZ just cannot seem to shift these trucks, and so don't want to touch them. I tested out a V8 LC200, and when I said "I hope this is more reliable" the salesperson quipped that "oh sure as this is a Japanese Toyota" clearly inferring that it was not Indonesian-made.

                I walked away from Toyota with my money, and for a bit of fun have now bought a Ranger Raptor. Ford gave me a very fair trade-in and deal ($10k better than Toyota), so unlike Toyota they wanted my business.

                So it's all a bit bitter sweet. The time with the truck while it actually all worked was great; as said it was pretty capable off-road and then could cruise home in comfort. it was mainly just the disappointment with Toyota themselves and their shocking trade-in value.


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                  What did you replace it with?