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Lithium dual battery setup

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  • Lithium dual battery setup

    DCS 75ah lithium battery
    frontrunner battery tray
    Some obscure 15a DCDC charger
    Wire, fuses etc
    Cost approx $1500

    Fitted easily in available space, charger is mounted behind the bulbar where it shouldn't get too warm

    Took setup for the first outing with the fridge (waeco CFX40, empty except for 3 beers) in the boot - was amazed with the performance - car out in the open in kakadu last week for 5 days (~25 deg low overnight, 35 high in daytime) while we went on a bushwalk. Still running when we got back.

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    Nice. My 55 amp Optima deep cycle dies if the car's sitting for more than a 1-1½ days, even after driving 6-8 hrs. My options are a 100ah deep cycle, or a Lithium as you have.

    Can I ask how much your 75 amp was & where you sourced it from?


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      I think DCS sell through eBay or their website. I paid 1k.