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2018 Fortuner Touring rig

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  • 2018 Fortuner Touring rig

    Hi guys,

    I have a 2018 GXL Fortuner that I am starting to build for touring and looking at the following just not sure yet if I do most of these with ARB or TJM at the moment. I live rural and do have a local guy who is a TJM agent but not sure.
    • Bull bar
    • Side bar and step
    • Drifta draws and fridge holder for back
    • TJM or Oldman EMU suspension
    • possibly airbags for towing but will wait and see
    • Radio
    • 2nd Battery (can mount in engine bay or Drifta Draws have a rear battery setup
    • Automatic Transmission cooler not sure what to go here yet
    • Under car protection
    • Winch
    I have already done the following:
    • Toyota Snorkel
    • Toyota Nudge bar (Will sell this)
    • HardKore light bar
    • Roof rack system by Rola
    • Catch can and 2nd fuel filter
    • King Awning
    • Toyota Tow bar
    Am I missing anything that other would recommend for touring in the Fortuner and recommend anything on what I looking at?
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    Hi Mate, I really like the long range tank. ARB fitted mine a couple of years ago.


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      The bigger well known brands are best if you can stick to them.

      Either a sub tank (just over 45 litres) or long rang tank are good, especially if distances between towns are more than your stock tank's range, plus towing uses a bit more fuel. A replacement long range tank will require your spare to be relocated onto a rear swing away rear bar, or onto the roof. The sub tank sits above the spare, lowering the spare a bit closer to the ground. I've the sub tank & think its worth while.