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  • 2019 gx

    Hi All,

    2019GX i have chipped away at.

    MANN catch can
    Ironman no loop bar
    Tough dog 40mm lift kit w/adjustable damping
    Safari snorkel
    Rhino rack with adjustable rails
    Dual battery set up to the boot CTEK dc to dc charger
    Maxxis Razr AT811 265/70R17 tyres
    Phat bars rock sliders.

    Any questions about what I've fitted and how they have performed feel free to ask.

    What's left? Tow bar, anyone know of any rear bar/ tow bar combos.

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    Try Kaymar they may have something. Also ask TJM, their factory is in Asia somewhere & Fortuners have been around in Asia for many years, so TJM might be able to help. Might be an idea to check your GVM before you get a rear bar. Fully loaded for trips etc, the rear bar may put you over. Just a thought.


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      Hey Sherwoodforest,

      Sweet ride. I am in the process of deciding what lift kit to buy. Can I ask how you find the tough dog kit rides on the road and what load springs do you run in the rear? - I see the 40mm lift has the clearance to accommodate slightly bigger tyres too.




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        Hi Ritter,

        The tough dog kit is a bit firmer on the road only because I went with winch/bar springs on the front and 300kg constant load in the rear. I do like a firmer ride in my vehicles though and do alot of sand driving and have found the tough dog suspension quite good especially at higher speed on sand.
        And yes plenty of room for the next size up tyre have had no scrubbing.


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          on that thought Will leave the rear bar, to many GVM issues and expense, plenty of room on the roof rack for jerry's and other gear.


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            I've weighed my rig with camping, recovery gear, clothes in it, full fuel tanks (I've a sub tank) etc, & was surprised how close to GVM it was.

            Since then I'd bought a used A-frame Avan camper trailer. So camp gear etc now being in the van not in the Tuner, so GVM a bit better, but then you have to factor in the tow ball weight. Again had both car & van weighed, & again not much wiggle room with the tuner's GVM. It gets interesting when you start to play around with things that's for sure. Good luck with things.


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              Gday mate nice rig,how does the ironman bar fit up nice and neat ?


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                What are the Maxxis tyres like? Thinking of these or Mickey Thompson Baja Boss or Toyo R/T