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My first Fourby! - 00DZNR

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  • My first Fourby! - 00DZNR

    Hey guys,

    Coming from this into the 4x4 life :P

    I'm upgrading from my trusty corolla to the new Toyota Fortuner GXL in Crystal Pearl!

    I have following optional extras:
    • Rubber floor mats (Front & back)
    • Rubber cargo mat
    • Slimline Weathershields (Front & back)
    • Tow package
    • GPS SAT NAV upgrade
    Planning to use this as a daily run around but also not shy enough to take out on weekends! What would the first upgrades be, tyres and lift? bullbar? go stock for 6-12 months? haha

    I also run a design business and also a spray painting business, check us out at and if anyone is interested in any work
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    The missus was awesome enough to take some sweet pics over the busy weekend when we managed to find time!


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      Already itching to mod the car

      Just installed front and rear dash cam and bought this yesterday for alittle make over

      Keep a look out guys hahahahaha MCM JDM STREET CREDS YO!


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        I'll take a stab, you're blacking out the ugly chrome bits? So very 2000's IMHO. Carbon is the new chrome, should carbon wrap it instead :P


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          Originally posted by dandin View Post
          I'll take a stab, you're blacking out the ugly chrome bits? So very 2000's IMHO. Carbon is the new chrome, should carbon wrap it instead :P
          hahahaha nahhh going to black out the wheels so it looks nice with the black trim around with the white theme but also protects it from deep scratches etc


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            My missus again at it with the amazing photography work! Not sure if the photographer brings out more beauty than it should! haha <3


            • RJS
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              Interested in the process of Plasti-dippinng your rims. Did you remove the tyres, or just mask them off?
              How durable is the plasti dip - and is it easy too remove once your are finished with it?
              Looks awesome BTW

            • 00PLS
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              Hey RJS sorry for the late reply!

              Its piss easy! Considering I was spraying black I didnt mask anything, I just used a shopping bag, tucked in behind the spokes to cover the brakes/caliper and sprayed right over. It's easy to remove please off like elastic, check out youtube for lots of instructions if need be

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            Just purchased a TJM Airtec Snorkel while it was on special for fathers day

            Can't wait to cut into my fresh pearl white paint.... lol....

            Also picked up a UNIDEN UH076SX-NB just incase

            Bloody been too busy with work to even put proper Km's on the damn horse


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              Still waiting for some real mods to come and here I'm at it again with silly mods haha

              Pulled the passenger side apart to neatly install the Blackvue wiring

              Picked up a bottle of Super Syrup (car wash) and got this also


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                New day new mods


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                  Went out to Homebush with the missus to take a quick pic


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                    Just a quick shot on Stockton Beach

                    Here she sits on some new rims


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                      Took this photo yesterday evening backing out onto Parramatta River


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                        G'day. Rig looks good. Noticed you bolted on recovery points. Can I ask where you got em from? I've a Toyota steel bull bar & (when I first asked around) had trouble finding any after-market recovery points that were compatible with the Toyota bar.


                        • 00PLS
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                          Hey Anthony thanks for the compliments

                          I got them from Ironman and the bolt straight on

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                        Thanks for that. I've since been told that many of the recovery points will bolt straight onto the car, as long as its still in original shape (without bull bar). Hence your Ironman fitting.

                        If the got an ARB, Ironman, or Opposite Loc etc bull bar, then those manufacturers recovery points would bolt onto their own bull bars. But unfortunately not the case once you've whacked on a Toyota bar. My enquiries with Toyota just refer me to ARB etc... so I'm chasing my tail.

                        Just have to wait until someone comes up with recovery points to suit Toyota bars, & hope I don't get stuck in the meantime.


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                          Anthony i ran into the same issues.

                          Couldn't decide between genuine alloy or arb bar

                          could only find recovery points that fitted with either the matching bar or no bar at all

                          eventually went the ARB path. surely something will be released at some point to fit the genuine bars.. Apparently arb actuallly make the genuine alloy bar (steel one by someone else) not branded arb however and no recovery point to suit (at the time anyway)
                          Crusade, Summit Bar, Dobinsons Monotube, BFG AT.