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    I installed a set of Titan drawers from the 4WD supacentre, a guy bought them for his ute, but they were too short. So they sat in his Garden shed for over a year. I bought them for $300.00. I found a few issues with installation and also once installed. I have addressed the issues in the pictures. The only one not addressed is that once the fridge is in place it is difficult to see the inside the fridge if not impossible I have adressed this issue by buying a collapsible step from ALDI. So to tomorrow we leave for Jyndabine , hoping to hit the slopes at Perisher, they so will be the first long trip for the tuner.
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    I've that issue with my fridge too, but you make do....


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      good choice of drawers and fridge lol


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        nice, can you tell me what you did to bolt the drawers down? did you just use the seat latch bolts? I am looking at these drawers and I am concerned about how I will go bolting them down. Also what size drawers did you get? and what wing kit did you get? do you have any photos? Im keen as to get this happening but want to get a good plan in place before I jump the gun and spend the $$$

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      Did you have to modify the wings?


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        Yeah I had to modify but took bugger all time. Only had to shave off about an inch


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          Thanks mate appreciated