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  • Gday from WA

    Hi peeps,
    well after having 3 Patrols and swearing Id never have anything else, I fell in love with the Fortuner. Got her with 30k on the dial, and now the mods will begin. I work for a Toyota dealership as a Parts Manager so no issues with getting filters, oils etc. I remember seeing a Fortuner in Indonesia many moons ago and loved the look, design and usability. Very happy with the 4by, unlike the Missus who will be far from happy when she starts seeing the mods all of a sudden appearing from nowhere! Already have a primary and secondary fuel filter mod, this week it's bull bar and t/bar. Hopefully the week after it shall be a snorkel and DPF back exhaust. After which gotta get a scangauge to keep a wary eye on things. Take care all, will upload some pics as a build report as time and progress allow.

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    welcome to the club Paul , if you are on FB we have 2 active sites there too.
    plenty of info on this site already about mods and other info like Scanguage codes etc. I am slowly compiling a parts list so i'm sure you will be able to add to that in time

    We were in Thailand last year and almost every taxi we caught was a Tuna , V6 engined most of them. I'd love one of those one day.
    2019 GX , in White


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      Hey Paul. Lots of good info & tips on here, enjoy the forum. Ah huh.... work for Toyota ehh? You may be sorry you said that; lol