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    Hello fellow Fortuner fans
    just picked up my brand new Fortuner Crusade yesterday 30/4/18. Was pretty happy with the deal and Justin from Big Rock Toyota Perth. Wasn’t my first choice of dealers but after getting a pompous wanker that didn’t take me serious at Grand Toyota and had no intentions of trying to sell me a vehicle was glad I went around the corner.
    Started looking at accessories before I even had my crusade, snorkel, bullbar, winch are first on the list, been good to see a few photos around on the forum. Was told if I put anything but Toyota parts on her than my warranty could be void. Is this a scare tactic for me to buy my gear from Toyota or is there some truth behind it.?
    Cheers and let the good times roll.

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    It’s a scare tactic. So if you replace the crappy radio with a Chinese angroid unit and that new radio sparks and damages your speedo then it’s not covered under Toyota warranty. But if your drivers mirror falls off (or something else totally unrelated) that it iscovered. There are plenty of dealers out there that will kit up your tuner with ARB accessories and the like. Just tell them exactly what you want and if they won’t do it then shop elsewhere. Unless you need to include it in your finance you will find better after market options for bull bars, snorkels, side steps, roof racks etc.


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      I went Toyota bull bar, winch & tow bar via the dealer for piece of mind re warranty. Didn't want any probs if airbags didn't go off in a prang, or the tow bar crapped itself. That way if anything failed, it was Toyota gear installed by Toyota. (My logic)

      Went ARB for dual battery system & spotties (they never had bull bars at that time). Went to Off Road Systems for aluminium drawers, fridge slide & a ½ cargo barrier. Opposite Lock for recovery points to be fitted to the OE bull bar. I've no affiliation with any of these places.

      BUT, there wasn't a whole lot of things available for Tuners when I got mine (2015 model bought it March 2016). Certainly a lot more aftermarket choice out there these days. If you go aftermarket you won't go wrong sticking with the better known 4x4 people; ARB, Ironman, Opposite Lock etc etc. Good luck with it.


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        Cheers lads. Figured Toyota got enough coin out of me so far so was looking aftermarket, ARB and TJM been around long enough to trust with my new ride. Just got her back from tint a car. Back to work in a couple days, see how we go next RNR for some more extras.