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G'day from Perth!

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  • G'day from Perth!


    My name is Allan and I am from Perth. I currently own a Patrol (Yeah I know) and I am looking at the Fortuner as my next vehicle. I have driven the GX and GXL and I am not sure which, if any I am going to get. My patrol is getting on these days and I looking at passing it on to the youngster. I think the Fortuner may be what we are after, and seeing as we are looking at something a little smaller it may be right for us. A bit hesitant on it being a new vehicle though, but it cant be too bad considering its a Toyota.

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    Hi Allan and welcome to the forum!

    Glad you are considering the Fortuner. I am sure it will be as reliable as many of the Toyota's that have come before it and if there are any issues, they will be sorted out pretty quickly. I guess it is a big jump from Nissan to Toyota. You don't mention whether you have owned a Toyota before the Patrol?

    I am sure your youngster must be pretty happy that he is getting your vehicle.

    Well I hope you make the jump and get yourself a Fortuner, I think the GX or GXL will be quite a big jump from the Patrol.
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      Yeah he is bloody keen for me to get the next one. He is big into his surfing so I bet we would only see him when he needs food or the washing done. The patrol has done us well this far but the family holidays will just be me and the wife now and looking for something a bit newer. I will look at driving the Everest on the weekend.