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    Hi everyone I'm a single mum and just bought my first four-wheel drive, my beautiful Fortuner 2016 GX after having access to four wheel drives from other people in my life. Mum of twins who don't respect anything!!!
    Thinking the first thing I need to buy is some good car seat covers as I'm a recreational user, particularly on the beach but looking to explore further in the Kimberley...but also like the comfort as it's my town vehicle. Live in Broome and I've explored lots of places up this way but happy and willing to do it all on my own this time but need some good protection for the car seats. Been looking but can't settle on anything without some advice please.

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    Welcome to the forum. Its best to buy best quality & as good as you can afford, which also feel nicer feel. Cheaper won't last as long & you end up buying 2-3 pairs. If you can, ask friends to sit in their cars with seat covers to get an idea. They'll tell how much they paid, where from, & how long they've had them. There's so many options & prices!


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      @jk I went with the Toyota Genuine Canvas for the rear seat (with two early teenagers ... it gets worse believe me) for similar reasons. Black Duck make canvas ones that are pretty expensive. I'll be in the Kimberley next month and eventually passing through Broome on my way to Cape Leveque ... I'll keep an eye out for another GX!


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        I put some dingo trails covers on last week. Cost a fortune but they are high quality.


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          Black duck gets my vote
          Put them on the first week I got the car
          Never looked back
          2 Rugrats and dog. You get the picture.

          As they are canvas I use an air gun to blow off any dry dirt and dog hair periodically. Still holding up well after almost 2 years