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Hi, About to buy - suggestions?

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  • Hi, About to buy - suggestions?

    Hi Everyone,

    So I think I'm about to order a Fortuner Crusade. I have a property out at Upper Turon that is a weekender (, but I also live in the big smoke so I do some city driving with two small kids. I have an old 2002 Extra cab Hilux with kids seats mounted but they are out growing them.

    So I'd be interested to hear from you all - what options, accessories etc do you wish you had kitted out or opted for in your Fortuner, currently I'm thinking of ordering all this;

    Fortuner Crusade
    - Graphite outside
    - Beige/Faun Interior

    I'm trying to get Toyota to throw in the factory stuff;
    - Cargo barrier
    - Rubber floor mats
    - a Rubber Cargo mat
    - towbar, ball and wire harness
    - snorkel

    Then I'm considering also asking Toyota to add;
    - ARB (Summit Bar) Black or TJM Bull bar Outback in Black or the Signature in Alloy??? (I'm Thinking Steel better for Roos and black will match the other accessories like Rhino rack)
    - Rhino Rack Pioneer platform (or Pioneer Tray or TRadie?? but will it make it too high for city under ground car parks?)
    - Rhino Rack Batwing Awning (Left, Better Left I reckon as you can pull over to the kerb and then extend off to side of road)
    - Zenon Winch from ARB with Synth rope
    - Maybe an ARB Light Bar
    - Definately a CB and Antenna but that can come later

    Any Suggestions guys? things missing, things you would choose instead?

    TJM Bull bars vs ARB? (the TJM on the Hiliux has protected against many roos and not bent. I'm pretty set on the Graphite and Faun combo....but what color bull bar will look good? I think colour matched might lack contrast.

    Side rails? which would mean change over to checker plate side steps .....are the after market side steps higher than the Crusade ones?

    I thought about adding a rear steel bar and spare tyre and jerry can holder but I think it will add too much weight.

    It would also be nice to do something to make the engine a bit punchier ,....but maybe later

    Thanks for any help

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    hi mate i got a graphite gxl fortuner. I like the ARB bull bar over TJM personally and colour coded looks better but black is ok to.

    I have the rhino pioneer platform without the sides on it and i can drive under the car parks.

    The rhino rack batwing awning won't be very good unless you make some brackets up to slide it up and down otherwise you won't be able to open your boot properly with the awning out.

    ARB winches are an absolute rip off i recommend getting the 4wdsupacentre kings dominator winch there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, it is a great winch and comes with wireless remote etc standard.

    ARB light bar again absolute rip off I would recommend the STEDI brand.

    These are just my personal opinion


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      I have the same as borgna with ARB bull bar but with recovery points and the rhino rack platform and I have a sunseeker awning which has been fine.

      I don't have a winch but a few other things such as a fridge, draw set up and aux battery but whatever you put on will add weight to the vehicle's GVM which is light by comparison with other 4x4s.

      It depends what you are doing with it but I found it easy to reach the GVM limit once you start adding water and gear for remote travel. There is a discussion about it on the forum here and there is also this link which you might find useful
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        Thanks Borgna and thank artie22. you've given me a lot to think about.

        I might have a few questions for you soon. ;-)


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          I've got an ARB bar and the Pioneer Tradie rack on mine, on stock suspension it sits a fraction under 2m so I don't have issues with car parks generally. I'd recommend getting the bar painted, I think it looks better just having the accessories in black personally. Id recommend the Stedi bar too. Heres a photo that might help.


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            Potts , I have a Graphite GXL with a winch compatible alloy bull bar. The contrast between the dark graphite and the light alloy is very striking and would work well with the chrome highlights of the Crusade.
            If you're getting the tow bar, you might also want a Redarc tow pro elite electric brake controller installed, depending on what you're towing. Perhaps even get an Anderson plug run to the back if you plan on towing a camper trailer or caravan.
            tekka maki
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              Thanks Sam B (@Sam B) - the photo was exactly what I was thinking to ask, your bar is the standard black? I think it looks good, but you wish you'd got yours painted? is that what you meant?

              Is yours a Crusade? if not perhaps my Crusade would be a bit higher with 18" mags unless they lower the profile to keep same??

              Also thanks Tekka maki - yeah I was thinking the Alloy bull bar would 'pop' against the dark colours of the Graphite body. The Tow bar I have got thrown in by Toyota, but the Electric brake controller is a good idea, an anderson plug is also a good idea as I will probably get a second battery under the hood. Probably get that and a CB and a Stedi light bar and perhaps a reversing light or work lights wired in a few months after taking ownership, I could wire it all in myself but I just dont have the time.

              So yesterday I signed the contract to take a Graphite with Brown leather Crusade MY19, it should have the new DPF button and styling, I got Toyota to bundle in a bunch of stuff including Towbar & Harness, Cargo matt, floor matts, Snorkel. I also included in the finance the ARB summit bar and intergrated lights etc, ARB Winch, tow points and a Pioneer platform.

              I still have the option to colour match the bullbar... but still not sure if it is better to keep all add ons the same (Black) ..... hmmmm ?

              Also I might change the rack to the Tradie rack, if i still can.

              Thanks again for you feedback and advice guys


              • Sam B
                Sam B
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                Sam B commented
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                Mines a GXL, the tyres are bigger but the wheels are smaller so it would be marginal. It measured at about 1950mm.

                My bars colour coded, I wouldn't have had it black personally and glad i didn't.

              • Potts
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                Sorry Sam B you're right! I was looking at your pic at prob 1am last time. I can see now that it's just the angle of the light on one side that makes the car look a bit lighter. I'm still wondering if the black bullbar contrast might make it look a bit meaner..... its a hard descision.....

                At 1950mm I might just get into Sydney underground car parks. I think I will keep the platform because the extra ~100mm for the rails on the tradie rack might push me over height....besides I can always get the modular add-able racks for the platform.

                Thanks again for your photo and comments.

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              G'day Potts
              I'm a techno and mechanical moron, but here's my input anyway. I bought a 2018 Crusade in March and have done 11000km so far. I had a Toyota tow bar and Toyota bull bar fitted.

              Straight away I had a catch can and second fuel filter fitted. For your info, the catch can was absolutely chockers full at the 10000 service.

              After looking at the rear drop when I attached my boat for towing, I had air bag shocks fitted which levelled everything out.

              I've come out of a BT50 and before that two Hiluxes.

              The Crusade is far superior in ride quality than all the dual cabs ( in my opinion ).

              The crusade seems thirstier around town than the Mazda, but frugal on a country run. Also, towing the boat several hundred kilometres to and fro to Yorke peninsula gave areading of 13l per 100km, which is pretty good. Boat is a 5.6 Barcrusher and car and boat were really loaded up!!!! Plus 3 big blokes on board.

              I have no buyer remorse and have had no issues with the car. It's everything I expected, and I'm so far glad I chose it over some others I was considering.


              • Potts
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                Thanks Qmodo!

                I'm a bit of a tech head, but never knew of catch cans until your comment, makes sense. I wonder if Toyota would claim its a mod and voids warranty (even though clearly it's going to help longevity of the engine components)?

                What colour is yours? I'm hoping to see a photo of a Graphite with black bull bar.

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              Hi Potts. I asked the tech guy at the Toyota dealership when I bought the Fortuner “ would you put a catch can and a second fuel filter on”. He said “yes”.


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                I have another question for all of you.... I bundled in the Toyota Snorkel when bargaining.....but the ARB guys said that it is only 'dust proof' not water proof. Whilst i'm sure Toyota would spec it as low as possible to protect themselves from paying for a flooded engine ...... is it really only dust proof? seems to me it would need to be significantly sealed anyway ???

                Any one had probs crossing water with a Toyota snorkel?

                If I got a Safari snorkel fitted later by ARB would they be able to use the same hole in the body ? etc.




                • Lowey99
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                  Hey Potts,
                  They are right, the Toyota unit it is not watertight. I am getting an Airtec unit fitted shortly for that reason. The holes for the Safari or Airtec (TJM) are in different locations to the genuine unit. I'd ask them to 'swap' the snorkel for something else on your wish list (tint, tow etc)
                  70 series Landcruisers have the same issue but it is standard from the factory.

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                i would recommend getting the safari snorkel from the start mate


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                  Thanks guys, I hope I'm not too late Toyota were goign to start fit out tomorrow :-(


                  • Potts
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                    Phew! literally got a hold of Toyota with drill bit in hand about to make the first cut for a Toyota Snorkel..... stopped it. Going to get a Safari snorkel.

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                  Thank you all for your help and suggestions, I picked up my new beast a couple of weeks ago and took it straight out to my property. Here's a pic!


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                    nice one , where is your property ? looks like Capertee or similar ?
                    2016 GX , in White


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                      Property is in Upper Turon, NSW