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  • Hi From Brisbane, QLD

    We have had the new Fortuner since February 2016. Enjoying the adventures. We managed to get off road at Easter, exploring the Kenilworth region. Few small creek crossings and mud, just finding out what all the gadgets do is the fun part! We upgraded from a Prado 120. So far the Fortuner has been exceptional. Heaps bigger in the third row (after removing the seats) for camping gear. Can't wait to compliment the fit out with roof racks, lift etc when items arrive in store.

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    Hi Forty, the vehicle looks good in its natural habitat!

    I am interested to hear the differences between the vehicle and the 120 series as well.

    There have been a few bits and pieces released but as soon as I catch wind of more I will post it up.

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      I would be also interested to hear more, I sold my 120 in 2012 to get a 150 and I still rate the 120 as the best car I have ever owned....


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        Hi Hutch and Shaun, The 120 was the best car we have owned to date, this was the longest we have ever kept a car as it was that good. It was hard to let go but it was having mechanical faults as it got older, it was costing, as expected. Upgrading to the Fortuner has been a good move. It certainly is a change with the new technology and gadgets. The power in the Fortuner is significantly different, and it tows a lot better. Design of the departure angles in the Fortuner has proven so far better than that of the Prado. We had the Prado raised, and still took off mud flaps when driving over rocky river beds. Can't wait to do more with the Fortuner to test it.