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    Good morning Fortuner Australia.

    Have come here for some advice before i sign the dotted line.

    I am looking to upgrade from an 08 D40 navara. Floating between the Fortuner, MUX, everest etc. I think that toyota reputation and looks wins out for me personally. I do have a few questions please.

    1. is anyone driving these daily? and if so what is the real world fuel econ? - really hoping to find something that is in the 9/100 in general 22km round trip to work here in canberra.
    2. Out of the box ( il add AT's) how do they go offroad? I do a decent ammount of 4wding and camping around Canberra, NSW and Vic high country
    3. is there simply anything else i need to know about the car?

    Thank you in advance.


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    Just enjoy it!
    after 3 years and 120000 kms I still enjoy hopping in it everyday.


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      Mine's a daily drive 10/2015 auto GX model, & drive about 5-10 kms "daily" & are short trips. Average fuel use 12-13/100. Got back from the Gulf & after 4 weeks driving with 2 adults & the car fully loaded with camping & recovery gear etc, got 10.23/100 kms. Just finished a weekend trip to Port Stevens (black top only), & returned 9.3/100. On the highway I usually sit around the 95 to 100 kph mark. Like any car... drive smart & you'll get good fuel economy, & less issues in general. I'm happy with the car, its looks, engine tech & 6 sp auto box.


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        I drive mine daily - urban areas - get between 9 & 10/100. Tows a Mars extremo camper with no concerns. Just had 40,000km service. More than happy.